What The TZR Staff Is Giving Themselves This Year In The Name Of Self-Care


It's commonly said that it's the thought that counts — and while that old saying holds truth, it's okay to also admit that occasionally you get a gift that isn't so great. You've been through a lot this year, and the holiday is a good time to celebrate yourself for hanging in there while also practicing some much-needed self-care, so there shouldn't be any shame in shopping a few gifts for yourself to ensure that at least one thing you're receiving will be both thoughtful and useful.

If, like so many others this season, you'll be spending the holidays apart from friends or family, it's more important than ever to treat yourself with love and kindness. And if your love language just so happens to be giving and receiving gifts, it's a great time to check a few things off those wish lists you've been adding to all year.

Pampering yourself can mean so many different things, from partaking in an indulgent bath or beauty routine to treating yourself to your favorite culinary indulgences, everyone's best self-given gift will be a little bit different, but if you're seeking out some ideas that will help you give yourself some extra TLC, TZR's editors and writers have a few suggestions. Ahead, find the goods they're getting themselves — from fitness gear to caffeinated goods — that are guaranteed to put them in the holiday spirit.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Gifts For Yourself: Something Sparkly

"I've been really drawn to starting an 'heirloom' jewelry collection as real life continues to feel shaky and impermanent," says staff writer Madge Maril. "It's like taking up space, or teaching future family members I might never meet about myself. Admittedly, this sounds super heavy and serious, but the pieces I like aren't — I currently have my eye on this Sandy Liang necklace."

Gifts For Yourself: Something Cozy

"Unsurprisingly, my anxiety's been at an all-time high this year, and I've definitely been eyeing a weighted blanket to help during particularly stressful times," says staff writer Anna Buckman. "I've always been obsessed with Bearaby's — it's one of the few that actually looks cute, and it comes in so many pretty colors."

Beauty Editor Khalea Underood has her eye on some cozy — and familiar — footwear. "I don't care how old I get or how much my wardrobe changes — I will never get rid of my UGGs," she says. "Because I'm spending more time at home and locally, I don't have to get all dressed up in heels or my stylish boots that don't offer much support or warmth. Slipping on a shearling-lined slipper or boot feels like a hug to myself."

Gifts For Yourself: Something Motivational

A few TZR staffers have been eyeing up some fitness gear or virtual classes to help them prioritize fitness time — especially when they're stuck at home. "I've been running a lot this year to help relieve some of the added stress of 2020, and I've been having so much fun treating myself with new running gear," says Buckman, "It makes me look forward to my workouts so much more!"

And Deputy Editor Angela Melero has another game plan to help get motivated and moving. "I recently took a barre3 class and fell in love," she explains. "I love that it's a solid heart-pumping workout that also encourages self-love and acceptance of your body. I signed up for a membership and look forward to my 45-minute sessions!"

For Editorial Director Kathy Lee, it's all about the chic fitness accessories. "Since starting a new job, moving, and managing school schedules for two kids, I haven't had much (or any) time for myself — especially to workout and stay fit," she says. "I have been eyeing these ankle weights in the hopes that if I own them, then I will be able to make the time to use them."

Lastly, Underwood shares that some stocky-soled socks will help her stick (pun intended) to a routine. "Earlier this year, I found comfort in trying out different at-home workouts and classes," she explains. "But with a busier schedule and changes in my personal life, I've put those classes on the back burner. These Sticky Be Socks, which offer arch sole support and have non-slip grips at the bottom, are printed with mantras to help me stay motivated and centered — literally."

Gifts For Yourself: Something Soothing & Pampering

"Sadly for me, I'm stuck on crutches for eight weeks which makes my usual self-care (running and hiking) impossible," explains Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor. "My new go-to is a bath. Since I'm supposed to be as sedentary as possible, this is my time to add bubbles, light a candle, open a book, or turn on a podcast and soak away."

As for Melero, she's looking forward to giving her locks a little more love. "This year indoors has helped me hone in on my haircare routine, which was often overshadowed by skin care in the past," she says. "One of the ways I'm treating my hair (which I'm actually growing out of a bob), is with this hair oil by new brand Ceremonia. The oil is beyond decadent — leaving my hair shinier, softer, and generally healthier. My weekly hair treatments have become my 'me time' where I can relax and treat myself."

Gifts For Yourself: Something Satisfying

"To create my own holiday celebration at home this year, I want to plan myself a lovely meal and something festive to drink," explains staff writer Ashley Tibbits. "I love natural wines and have especially getting into some local, women-owned wineries like Say When. They just announced a special collaboration with a local coffee company for a bundle that includes a Carbonic Grenache Blanc and Carbonic coffee. I instantly added to cart!"

Speaking of caffeinated goods, Underwood also has coffee on the brain. "I just got a coffee maker and can't get enough of my DIY iced lattes, but have noticed a change in my skin and teeth due to the consumption," she explains. "So I'm definitely asking Santa for a big case of Slate Espresso Chocolate Milk. It gives me the flavor of my favorite iced mochas without the calories — and a good dose of protein as well."

But after 5pm — and after this trying year — she likes to treat herself to the occasional cocktail. "Casamigos is my favorite tequila," she says. "It's so smooth and blends easily. Plus, I love the fact that I can engrave the bottle for gifting, or if I want to write myself a nice love note."

Melero's foodie gift to herself also comes with a wellness twist. "I actually gifted myself a two-month program with Alana Kessler, a nutritionist who doesn't focus on weight loss or even fitness, but about helping people change their relationship with food and their environment," she says. "This past year has brought my unhealthy habits and relationship with food and body to the forefront, and I'm ready to tackle these issues once and for all, so I'm committing to this program to see if I can change these thought processes for good."

Gifts For Yourself: Something Inspiring

"The Writer's Voice Podcast has been making my daily quarantine walks a bit more enjoyable — especially as I'm trying to work on my own personal writing projects," Tibbits says. "A recent episode featured Patricia Lockwood reading her story 'The Winged Thing' and I immediately fell in love with her writing. As a gift to myself I'm pre-ordering her forthcoming book, No One Is Talking About This."