This '70s Trend Is Huge In 2019

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock music festival that took place in Bethel, New York in 1969. The watershed event entailed three days of peace, love, music, and a whole lot of inspiring style. Hippies who attended Woodstock established a sartorial aesthetic that continues to be associated with the free-spirited bohemians — fringed vests, bell bottoms, and psychedelic prints included. If hippie-era style and the fashion trends of the early '70s appeal to your aesthetic (or you've already purchased a ticket to Woodstock's anniversary concert this summer) then this half-century anniversary is a solid reason to channel counterculture fashion, much of which is on trend again in 2019 thanks to brands like R13, Ulla Johnson, and Chloé.

Ahead, see iconic looks from pioneering female musicians including Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, and Grace Slick, as well as the cool attendees of musical events like a Rolling Stones concert, Woodstock, and Isle of Wight. While you may never be able to fully relive the experience of the first hippies, you can certainly appreciate their distinctive approach to style and let their revolutionary taste influence your outfits for the months to come. So, consider embracing this year's love of tie-dye, prairie dresses, and a little bit of fringe, but all with a modern spin. Groovy —and great — style ahead.

Psychedelic Patterns


It couldn't be more perfect timing to have the tie-dye trend return — grab a printed dress similar to Joni Mitchell's and wear with leather sandals for a quick look with high-impact.

Fringe Benefit

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There's something enduringly iconic about a Western-inspired fringe jacket. Cinch a belt around yours and finish with a maxi skirt or flare pants for a look that can go from day to after-hours (or a Rolling Stones concert, if you're like the couple shown above).

Borrowed From the Boys

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An oversized tailoring piece — like a sleek vest — looks especially cool with a ruffled blouse worn underneath. Try this with a pair of slacks like Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick or for a more daytime ensemble, try with jeans.

Flower Power

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Grab a prairie top or dress cut in a micro-floral print for a sweeter take on hippie style. Look for details like puff sleeves and ruffled necklines to give your outfit a slightly romantic effect. If you're heading to a music festival, floral face paint — or maybe just daisy earrings — add a touch of whimsy.

Pin Up

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If the counterculture movement appeals to you, then you'll be needing a few pins to secure onto your bag or clothes, like Janis Joplin. A jean jacket lends itself well to this fun trend that allows you to share a few of your favorite phrases, bands, or hobbies with the rest of the world.

Flowers In Your Hair

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Though the flower crown is a trend that many retired after it's domination as part of the recent festival aesthetic, there are other quirky-cool ways to incorporate a bit of the boho vibe — as inspired by Eartha Kitt. A simple hair clip is an easy option for that back-to-nature flare.

Cozy Knits

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Textured, thick knitwear will dominate autumn, like a fisherman sweater or Fair Isle. The look gives off a folksy vibe that fits well with other seasonal textures like denim and corduroy.

Subtle Southwestern Details


Joan Baez's thin cow-print belt feels like a subtle nod to southwestern sensibilities. Try it out with a beautifully crafted bolo or felt hat, or embrace the renewed popularity of cow print this season — a style championed by Tory Burch's pre-fall collection.

Groovy Getup

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A groovy, printed mini dress is always a safe bet when going for a hippie aesthetic. Finish with woven flats for a casual, comfortable outfit that still feels polished enough to wear far from any festival grounds.

Say It With Slacks

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If boho maxi dresses aren't your thing, opt for a pair of flowy pants in a nostalgic print like stripes or paisley. Finish with a button-down shirt and vest.

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