This Healthy Beverage Is A Favorite Of Meghan Markle & Oprah

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The Duchess of Sussex has had a pretty interesting 2020 — to say the least. Though her royal title changed this year after she and the Duke decided to take a step back from their royal duties, she's added a few others to her resume, including investor and neighbor to none other than Oprah Winfrey. And believe it or not these two things are related: Meghan Markle's latest wellness endeavor just so happened to be her holiday gift to the mogul, who also shares her interest in healthy living.

Oprah subtly hinted in a recent Instagram video that she'd received a basket of superfood powders as a Christmas gift from her "neighbor M," but if you've been following the many moves of Harry and Meghan, you know that they've recently settled down in Montecito, California, where the Oprah also has a home. The goodies included oat milk latte mixes by Clevr Blends, and according to Oprah's website, Markle is an investor in the small, women-led wellness brand.

As she unpacked the basket of goodies, Oprah shared that these nutritious beverage blends offer a wealth of beneficial ingredients, including adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms (two of 2020's most popular wellness ingredients), as well as probiotics. Clevr's products include matcha, chai, and coffee mixes, but Oprah's favorite is the turmeric-spiked golden milk — and she demonstrated that all you need to enjoy it is hot water and a milk frother, if you've got one.

This business venture is actually not too surprising considering Markle's well-known devotion to wellness which includes fitness favorites pilates, yoga, and running, a penchant for fresh produce and healthy cooking, and meditation for a sense of balance and calmness. If her lifestyle inspires you to adopt some more healthy habits in 2021, swapping out your usual coffee for one of these plant-based beverages in the morning could be a simple start. And, besides, if Oprah's raving about it, it's got to be good.

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