Lululemon Partnered With Barry’s To Bring You Chic Activewear That’ll Help You Through The Sweatiest Workouts

Courtesy of lululemon

All it takes is one super-intense sweat session to determine that the workout wear you've long relied on just isn't going to cut it any longer. The sweat stains that seem to withstand turns through the wash, misshapen pieces that have all but lost their original silhouette, not to mention the unfortunate (but unavoidable) odor that hangs around even before you begin your first sprint all point to one certainty: You need some new exercise apparel. Luckily, the just-dropped lululemon x Barry's collab presents plenty of pieces that'll instantly upgrade your activewear wardrobe, so you can not only keep cool but look cool too during even the most intense circuit training of your life.

Whether you frequent the local chapter of the cult-loved workout studio or not, you likely know that Barry's Bootcamp has a serious reputation for making its patrons sweat. The high-intensity workout class tests your limits with alternating circuits spent on a treadmill and completing strength workouts — and the last thing you'll want during the 60-minute class is gear that'll slow you down. So it's no wonder that Barry's decided to team up with beloved activewear brand lululemon to put out some high-performance pieces that'll withstand every last lunge, sprint, and sit-up.

The joint-effort collection, which launched on lululemon's website on July 23 with the tagline Stronger As One, includes all the items you'll need to get through your sweatiest, most challenging workouts. In fact, lululemon's designers collaborated with actual Barry's Bootcamp coaches to be sure they got the collection just right (and if anyone knows just how intense the bootcamp classes can be, it's the instructors themselves).

Amongst the women's pieces you'll find supportive sports bras, like the Stronger as One Long Line Bra, $68, that offer breathable compression to boost your confidence during speed runs, and coordinating leggings like the Stronger as One Tight 28", $128, that stretch with you in any direction while maintaining their shape through the end of class. The matching tops and bottoms come in Barry's-specific patterns and colors, like bold red and classic black. Layer a light-as-air Stronger as One Muscle Tank, $58, over the bra for a little extra coverage — the tank will also wick away sweat without absorbing odors thanks to a special material that repels stink.

For after class, the collab serves up cool-down layers like the Stronger as One Sleeveless Hoodie, $88, and the Stronger as One Cropped Hoodie, $118, both made from soft, ventilated material that'll help you gradually return to your resting state. Throw on the collection's Commission Hat, $38, to cover up your sweat-drenched tresses and stash essentials in the Cross It Off Tote, $68, and you're good to go about the rest of your day.

Upgrade your exercise wear to help you exceed your fitness goals in style by shopping the lululemon x Barry's collection below.