The $5 Lip Gloss That Gives The Perfect Amount Of Color & Shine


As much as you may be devoted to your matte lip colors — seriously, who isn't? — you can certainly agree that the holiday season is all about things that sparkle and shine. That means it's your chance to step out of the ordinary, and try out a different statement-making beauty look. Namely, high-shine lips. But if a glistening, lacquered pout is outside your normal routine, you're probably not keen to spend a fortune on a tube of gloss. So, get the look for less by stocking up on the best drugstore lip gloss at Ulta — that way you can try out this season's trending lip with minimal investment. Who knows, it may even become your new go-to.

Since Ulta is an essential retailer for pretty much anyone who's beauty-obsessed, its over-abundance of offerings receive countless reviews from the dedicated shoppers who frequently try all the best new arrivals and report back with the down-low on each. That's good news for you, because it means the intel is already gathered for you — one look at any categories' top sellers, from colorful eye shadow palettes to hair care — and it's easy to see which have earned top marks. And there's no exception when it comes to the store's stock of affordable lip glosses.

Case in point, NYX's Professional Makeup Butter Gloss, which'll only set you back a modest $4.99 a pop. The creamy, smooth gloss currently has a whopping total of 2,531 five-star reviews on Ulta's site, most of which praise the product for its wide range of colors (28, to be exact), and the buttery, non-sticky feel. It also promises to keep lips moisturized, something your matte lipstick may not be able to claim. Try the rich Red Velvet shade, a deep crimson, for holiday parties, and snag a dusty rose color like Tiramisu for daily wear.

If you'd prefer to try something that adds more shine and just a subtle wash of color, grab Ulta's Shiny Sheer Lip Gloss. The lightweight, super glossy lacquer costs $9 per tube, and comes in 16 sheer shades. Mocha, a medium brown shade packed with shimmery micro-glitter, will give lips a rich look. Considering this particular pick has almost 800 reviews — and half of them are five-star — it's likely a safe bet.

Simply cannot let go of your lipsticks? The color payoff of a great matte lipstick is certainly hard to beat, so you wouldn't be blamed if you have a hard time ditching it in favor of a new lip product. Instead, try the glossy trend by simply opting for a clear formula to layer over your favorite lipstick. Essence's Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss, $2.99, has nearly 250 top-mark reviews, and promises to provide you with high-impact radiance. Since this gloss is translucent, all it'll do is give a bold lip color a healthy dose of seasonally-appropriate shine — not to mention it'll keep your pout from drying out.

Whether you're into the idea of a mega-sparkly gloss, or you prefer a punchy wash of shiny color, Ulta's your place to find the best affordable options available. Stock up for the season ahead by browsing some of the most-loved offerings, below.