The 20 Best Liquid Eyeshadows For Every Budget & Style


Welcome to the liquid eyeshadow revival. Once overshadowed by a constant stream of eye palette launches, the fluid, one-swipe version of eyeshadow is finally having its moment in the spotlight. You could track it to how monochromatic eye looks have been trending (so, why buy a giant palette?), or how popular watercolor and all-over lid looks have been at recent fashion months (so, who needs brushes?). But whatever or whoever you pin the renaissance on, one thing remains the same: it's time to start investing in the best liquid eyeshadows.

If you haven't already. There's been a wave of newer releases in the field; The Lip Bar's Quick Lid, ONE/SIZE's Eye Popper Sparkle Vision, and Dominique Cosmetics' Beautiful Mess eyeshadows all have debuted this year. Meanwhile, longtime liquid eyeshadow aficionados — such as Armani Beauty and Stila — continue to lead the pack, showing that it doesn't take five shades and even more brushes to create a gorgeous eye look.

And that's music to anyone's ears. Below, the very best liquid eyeshadows for every budget.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Armani Beauty Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow

You can't discuss the best liquid eyeshadows without Armani Beauty's iconic Eye Tint. Yes, it's $30 a pop, but the formula is so worth it — the unique matte nudes in particular.

The Lip Bar Vegan Quick Lid One Swipe Liquid Eyeshadow

The Lip Bar's makeup products are famously easy to use, but don't let that trick you into thinking the brand is only into everyday colors. This frosty silver brings the drama when paired with dark lashes and liner.

Dominique Cosmetics Beautiful Mess Liquid Eyeshadow

Certain eyeshadows — which will remain unnamed — look much prettier in a pan or tube than they do on your lid. Dominique Cosmetics' Beautiful Mess Liquid Eyeshadow isn't one of those. The stunning shade range, packed with shimmers and multi-chrome, is even prettier when applied to skin.

Kosas 10-Second Liquid Eyeshadow

Kosas' clean, blendable formula puts the "liquid" back into liquid eyeshadow. You only need a few pats of the water-based formula on your lid for a subtle sheen of color (though no one's stopping you from building the shimmer up).

Stila Suede Shade Liquid Eye Shadow

Stila's liquid eyeshadow line is expansive — the brand really puts the time and effort into the product that others pour exclusively into palettes. For matte lovers, though, the Suede Shades are a must.

MAC Cosmetics Dazzleshadow Liquid

MAC's Dazzleshow eyeshadow throws subtlety out the window. It's opaque, long-wearing, and incredibly shiny, for nights when turning in before midnight isn't an option.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Flush in Sweet Nectar

Unsurprisingly, Danessa Myricks Beauty — created by the makeup artist and photographer Danessa Myricks — specializes in artistry-forward multipurpose pigments. Use Vision Flush as a monochromatic wash across your lids, or as color for your lips and cheeks.

ONE/SIZE Eye Popper Sparkle Vision Liquid Eyeshadow

In the words of the great will.i.am: ONE/SIZE's liquid eyeshadow brings the action. Think of this one like loose glitter pigment in an easier-to-use tube; although the formula is different, the can't-miss-it impact is the same.

Almay Velvet Foil Cream Shadow

Affordable and completely hypoallergenic, Almay's cream eyeshadow is wrapped up in this painterly tube. So, instead of using (and reusing) a doe-foot applicator, just apply with a brush. Or, you know, fingers work too.

Joséphine Cosmetics Eye/Dazzle Natural Liquid Metallic Eyeshadow

For those with sensitive skin, ultra-sparkly liquid eyeshadow might sound like an instant pass — but Joséphine Cosmetics' natural-leaning formula makes it more accessible. The pigment is super glam, while the base itself offers green tea extract and shea butter.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Retro Paradise Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

Wielding long, lofty eyeshadow applicators is a special skill, and you might've realized it's definitely not for you. If so, try out e.l.f.'s liquid eyeshadow instead. The whole component is on the smaller side, so it fits easily in your hand.

L'Oréal Paris Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup

Naturally, a major player like L'Oréal has basically perfected the liquid eyeshadow formula: This one boasts a 16-hour wear time, plus a crease-resistant, transfer-proof, and non-greasy formula.

Perricone MD No Makeup Eyeshadow

More skin care than makeup, Perricone MD's genius No Makeup Eyeshadow does the heavy lifting of eyeshadow — evening skin tone and texture — without, well, eyeshadow. Technically. (The slight pearly finish wins it a spot on this list.)

Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Seaglass Eyeshadow

Inspired by the look of sea glass, these unique shades are half shimmer, half metallic. Swipe it on in the morning, then go about your day; the long-lasting formula won't budge or vanish into thin air.

Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder

Although they typically dry down like any other liquid products, some non-traditional eyeshadows can end up looking extra creamy on your lid. Haus Labs' Glam Attack is created to look like a powder after application — though it's just as effortless as any other liquid product.

Natasha Denona Chromium Liquid Eyeshadow

Metallic and multi-chromatic, the Chromium Liquid Eyeshadow is for the bold. The colors shift between golds, purples, and oranges, depending on how the light hits your lids.

Tom Ford Beauty Extreme Lid Lacquer Eyeshadow

Think you can't make a smoked-out eye with liquid eyeshadow? Think again. In typical Tom Ford fashion, this one-of-a-kind formula is super sultry, high quality, and luxuriously glossy.

Wander Beauty Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow

Think of Wander Beauty's eyeshadow as highlighter for your eyes. Available in an array of metal tones, you can also swipe this shimmery pigment on your cheeks as a literal highlight.

PYT Beauty Glam Glitter Gel

The PYT Beauty Glam Glitter Gel is for the major clean beauty fans. It's cruelty-free and vegan, and made without microplastics, parabens, and silicones.

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Eye Shadow

While liquid eyeshadow is a way to experiment with colors — there are a lot to choose from — Too Faced's Melted Chocolate shadow collection is about simple shades. Nudes, pinks, and berry-mauves round out the range.