Summer Vacation Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Summertime often offers a much-needed lull from busy schedules due to freedom from family obligations, shorter work hours, or a lack of major holidays (or maybe all three). Needless to say, it's the perfect opportunity to plan a vacation with your kids, your crew, your S.O., or maybe just yourself. With so many options out there, it can be hard to pinpoint the kind of trip you want to take; after all, you want your travels to be worth your time and hard-earned cash. But help is on the way, and below, you'll find a slew of summer vacation ideas based on your zodiac sign to give you some serious travel inspiration. (Don't relate to your sign? Not to worry. You're bound to find some getaway suggestions that suit your vibe.)

Ahead, Narayana Montufar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com and Horoscope.com, decodes each zodiac sign's vacation style in a series shared exclusively with The Zoe Report. From cosmopolitan cities and art-filled downtowns, to beachside escapes and ancient ruins — both near and far — you'll find trip ideas to match your personality. Summer's still here but not for long, so get ready to pack your bags before it's too late. And if you already have a summer getaway on the books, use this guide to plan your OOO for fall.



Your vacation style: "When adventure knocks at your door, Aries never says 'no.' From on-the-go tours to adventure traveling and rural safaris, your sign is the adrenaline junkie of the zodiac. Not the outdoorsy kind of Aries? Then big cities with never-ending fun will be your best bet. As a sign that faces life head-on, you’ve got places to see and people to meet. Who needs time to sleep? Not you!"

Try: Staying in a bustling city.

A natural choice for city seekers is the one that never sleeps. You'll feel the pulse of the action when you stay in Midtown NYC (you can keep it simple by booking at the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square), where you'll catch shows, go on tours, and experience the legendary nightlife. Vegas, Tokyo, and London are also known for their bustling vibes.


Enchanting Luxury Camping on Private Island in the Golden Isles of Georgia // Source: Glamping Hub

Your vacation style: "When pleasure-seeking Venus is your ruler, you know how to travel. You love luxury and beauty, but that doesn’t necessarily mean pricey. If there is a sign that knows the true value of things, it is yours. Hey, you could even hear yourself say 'yes' to glamping with your partner. As long as peace, comfort, and good food are on the menu … Taurus is game!"

Try: A glamping getaway near or far. Spending time in nature doesn't mean you'll have to "rough it." You'll find thousands of luxurious (and affordable) listings on Glamping Hub, near your hometown and around the world. If you're hungry for seclusion and good food, you can rent out an entire island in the Golden Isles of Georgia, complete with an onsite chef.


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Your vacation style: "As an air sign, you need constant mental stimulation, meaning that the perfect break for you would be a chic and urban city in the company of your favorite pals. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you feed off people’s energy as you hit trendy cafes, museums, and enjoy the coolest nightlife spots."

Try: Exploring a hip city. Plan a girls trip to a hip destination like Nashville. There, you and your crew can stay at an apartment Airbnb or the four-star Hutton Hotel, which is central for exploring the city's arts and culture, including Music Row. Other artsy contenders include Austin, Denver, and Portland, Maine.


Unique Architecture Cave House (Greece) // Source: Airbnb

Your vacation style: "As a water sign ruled by the majestic moon, self-care is not an option for you, it’s a priority. You also love the comfort of feeling at home wherever you go, which is why traveling with your clan sounds like heaven. A beach house rental where you can completely relax while feeling safe is like music to your ears."

Try: Staying in a cozy seaside Airbnb. Spend the summer with loved ones by the coast in a seaside Airbnb. If you really want a trip to remember, find a listing in a bucket-list location like Santorini, Cinque Terre, or Bora Bora.


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Your vacation style: "As the fiercest of all signs, when you go on vacation, it means you will be on the move! A world-class city full of culture, entertainment, and a high society you can mingle with is all you need. You live in the moment, but don’t forget to update your status—you want to notify everyone of your fabulous whereabouts. Life is too short to hide!"

Try: Vacationing like a celebrity. Renting a penthouse suite, staying in a mansion, or hitting the town in style are all vacation "musts" for Leos. Consider booking a star-worthy home on Airbnb or check out the Celebrity Life in Vancouver Wild Bum guide, which uncovers top celebrity haunts in the posh Canadian city.



Your vacation style: "Down-to-earth Virgo doesn’t need much to be happy, except for well…being productive. Perhaps you need a trip for which you have to learn a new skill or language? There is nothing wrong with being a goal-oriented sign as long as you get to unwind in the process. And because yours is a picky sign, traveling in small groups is probably your best choice."

Try: Including a unique experience. Virgos may want to plan trips based on experiences rather than locations. Get inspired with experiences like the KoAloha Ukulele experience in Honolulu, the Harp workshop in Tokyo, or the African Music Journey in Cape Town; all will surely keep boredom at bay.



Your vacation style: "Lucky you! Traveling is one of the sweetest things when you are a Libra. From visiting chic boutiques to hip restaurants and hot art shows, you know how to work a crowd. Whether you decide between a big city or a trendy beach town, you do better when traveling with folks who share your luxurious and sophisticated taste."

Try: Escaping to an "it" city. Between the beachy scenery, hot night clubs, and high-end shopping and dining, Miami checks all the boxes. Stay at a trendy hotel like the Dream South Beach to get the full extravagant experience. Other posh seaside cities include Cape Town, Singapore City, and Honolulu.



Your vacation style: "Powerful and mysterious, your ideal getaway is a destination that is culturally rich but also allows you to enjoy privacy when you need it. Out of all the signs, you are the one who fully enjoys capturing the true essence of a place—and how do you do this better? By going solo."

Try: A solace-filled sojourn. Take a page from Eat Pray Love and find solace and self-reflection on your own solo vacation to Indonesia. Not sure where to start? Wild Bum's The Best Of Bali guide will help you navigate the island. You may want to make stops in Italy and India while you're at it.



Your vacation style: "As the gypsy of the zodiac, you thrive when visiting exotic, outdoorsy, and off-the-beaten path excursions. Exploring the world as you collect worldly pals is what makes your soul sing—no need for traveling companions here. Yours is a fire sign whose energy is unmatchable, and when you travel alone, there’s no need to worry about a traveling companion being able to keep up with you."

Try: An adventure-for-one. Head to Sri Lanka, and you'll make plenty of new friends as you beach, tour, and safari your way through the country. This Journey Through Sri Lanka Wild Bum guide features sample itineraries and must-do excursions. You can also look into cruises deals for one or organized group trips for more solo-but-social options.



Your vacation style: "Classy and studious Capricorn has an eye for quality. Historic, colonial, and archeological destinations are your cup of tea, but so are beautiful mountain towns with perfect settings and breathtaking views. You are ruled by loner Saturn, meaning that you don’t need company to have a good time. But really lucky is the one you decide to bring along with you, as you really know how to appreciate the good things in life."

Try: Sightseeing in scenic landscapes with a historic twist. When it comes to finding beauty and history, ruins set in stunning scenery offer the best of both worlds. The Wild Bum guide to Peru shares insider info on visiting ancient cities, including Machu Picchu. Also add to your bucket list: Tulum, Siem Reap, and Rome.



Your vacation style: "No tour guide needed! Ruled by eccentric Uranus, you love to dance to the rhythm of your own drum and you’re not afraid of getting lost in order to find a true gem. As an intellectual and also a very social sign, you need a place where you can find a balance between spending time meeting new people and spending time alone to think or even just read a book."

Try: A destination with the best of both worlds. Set your sights on destinations where you can meander through town or natural landscapes. If you've got island time on the mind, The Ultimate Local Guide to Oahu's North Shore will walk you through the beaches, towns, and neighborhoods of this Hawaiian island. Other must-visit spots are Medellin, San Francisco, and Seattle.



Your vacation style: "For you, soulful Pisces, the dream vacation is a spiritual and energy-charged place where you can fully let go and completely forget about the hustle and bustle of your daily responsibilities. Either solo, with your partner, or with your best friend, a weekly retreat that provides practices like yoga, meditation, art, and healing modalities will get your spirit rejuvenated in no time."

Try: A yoga or spa retreat. For you, the word "vacation" is synonymous with "relaxation," so your trips should be about rejuvenating, body, mind, and soul. A zen yoga retreat or wellness getaway would be ideal for this, or you can add a local Airbnb yoga experience, like Yoga at the Planetarium (available in Prague), to any itinerary around the world.