Ralph Lauren's TikTok Campaign Marks A Shift In Fashion And Social Media

Courtesy Of Ralph Lauren

When you think of Ralph Lauren, a few things probably come to mind. Timeless preppy staples like luxe knits, premium denim and of course, maybe the iconic polo. But the brand is setting the trends in a new category with its latest campaign, adding a carefree aesthetic to the American label, while striving to reach a younger demographic. In celebration of the 2019 US Open, Ralph Lauren is launching a campaign on TikTok, the social media app taking over the phones of millennials across the world.

The brand is setting itself apart in the industry with its new venture into the video streaming world. "As the first brand to launch a TikTok campaign in the U.S. tied to a sporting event, Ralph Lauren will utilize the full range of amplification opportunities within the platform," the brand notes via press release. In addition, it will be the first luxury brand to utilize the sponsored hashtag challenge format. In short: The platform encourages fans to use a chosen hashtag for a chance to win their own Polo gear. Though sponsored hashtags are already a popular marketing tool on Instagram, this move marks a possible industry shift towards the rising app.

This breakout social campaign isn't the only recent news for Polo Ralph Lauren. Over the past few years, the iconic American design house has made exciting changes, including the hiring of a new creative director for Polo's women's category. In February 2018, the brand recruited Michael Rider from luxury label Céline, where he spent nearly nine years designing for the prestige brand. With his high-level expertise, Rider's work is giving the iconic Polo label new life.

Courtesy Of Ralph Lauren

The campaign, known as #WINNINGRL, is led by emerging actress and tennis aficionado, Diana Silvers. The custom videos will feature the 21-year old star showing her love and high-level skills for the sport. Looking sporty-chic, Silver wears the US Open Ball Girl Polo Shirt, $125, in the shoot for the campaign, seen above.

If Silvers, an actress and New York resident, isn't on your radar yet, she will be soon. With only five credits on her IMBD profile at present, Silvers is just starting her career, but she's already had breakout roles in 2019 hits "Booksmart" and "Glass." Before acting, Silvers modeled in editorial shoots for a roster of magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle UK.

Polo Ralph Lauren has been the official outfitter for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships since 2005, and continues the partnership for 2019, with court officials sporting the same polo worn by Silvers. And while the styles are currently made from recycled materials, according to Forbes. the brand will actually use this season's Wilson tennis balls and cans to create next year's uniforms.

Even if you aren't a natural born athlete (or current TikTok user), you can still sport the look with Polo Ralph Lauren's US open collection. With tennis dressing on the rise, it's the perfect time to try out the newest iteration of the athleisure trend, this time with a preppy twist. Ahead, find 10 styles to channel your inner Serena and Venus.