The Poised Secret To Pulling Off A Monochromatic Look Like Queen Letizia

by Shelby Ying Hyde

Wearing one color from head-to-toe that isn't black or some sort of neutral can seem unfathomable at first, especially around this time of year. But, when done the right way, it's actually very easy. If you're not sure where to begin look no further than Queen Letizia and her pink suit look from earlier in the week. Complete with coordinated (yet tasteful) footwear to match, the royal offered a more poised approach to monochromatic dressing that's not hard to emulate.

For the Dec. 17 opening of The Open Court art exhibit in Madrid, the Queen of Spain decided on candy-colored staples that even minimalists can get behind. The well-tailored suit was a welcomed choice considering the refined nature of the event — the exhibition reflects back on the relationship of Spain and the Austrian empire during the 17th and 16th centuries. Although the rosy hue she opted for felt traditionally spring-y, the way in which the royal wore the suit made it feel like a year-round go-to.

Her majesty proved the key to pulling off an all-pink look is less about the set itself and more about the outfit add-ons you employ, as they will set the tone for the overall look. For this particular ensemble, Queen Letizia opted for accessories in a similar color scheme with subdued undertones.

Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fully committing to petal-pink for the occasion, the former journalist styled the slim-cut suit by Boss with an equally chic pointed-toe pump of the same color. Except, if you look closely, you'll realize that her block heels actually aren't the same color — its subtle blue undertones are more accurately associated with cool blush or nude than the warm sorbet shade of her suit.

While you might not notice a huge difference in color, opting for pairings that are a close but not exact match when trying out a monochrome look for yourself will change the overall intensity of the outfit (making it a lot less daunting). Follow Letizia's lead by underpinning the suit jacket with a pearlescent top to finish off an outfit that works just as well for the office as it does your next festive gathering.

Though Queen Letizia's exact suit isn't available yet, TZR has rounded up a few select styles to shop now.