NAILS OF LA Press-On Nail Extensions Are Here & You'll Want Every Design — EXCLUSIVE

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Courtesy Of NAILS OF LA
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As much as you love treating yourself to a relaxing manicure at your favorite salon, sometimes you want products that give you the same professional results from the comfort of your home. That said, if you're a nail enthusiast, you've probably noticed an uptick in brand's releasing press-on nails. And if you've given them a whirl, you know how they are both affordable and easy to apply (what's not to love?). Lucky for you, NAILS OF LA Press-On Nail Extensions are here to make your at-home salon experience even better.

Available Nov. 17, you can grab a set for $16 on its website. Included in each kit is everything you need to get the perfect press-on nail: a file and buffer duo, cuticle stick, adhesive tabs, nails glue, and an assortment of 24 nails to find the ideal match to your nails. Use the adhesive tabs if you want short-term wear, or glue application if you're intending to keep them on longer.

"For this first collection, I wanted to keep it neutral, which is something I’m known for," Brittney Boyce, founder of NAILS OF LA, tells TZR over email. "I love very simple lines and curves on a nude nail." Boyce says these simple designs are influenced by some of her most requested nail art from her clients, and are also her personal favorites. "They look great when grown out, and look great in person and in pictures," she says.

Courtesy Of NAILS OF LA

Depending on your personal taste, there's a signature oval style you'll want to snag. Love a neutral nail? Look no further than the The Minimalist, a pinky-nude shade. The Modest, a matte nail, is a modern take on a classic French manicure. The style features a white line starting at the right tip of the nail extending all the way to the bottom left. Last but certainly not least, The Muse, a glossy finish, offers up subtle nail art. With its white rectangular box and glitzy gold lines painted around it, the nail will look cool with any ensemble you throw on for the day.

"It’s something I’ve been thinking about for the last two years as getting cool nail art can be cost prohibitive to a lot of people," Boyce says about her venture into press-on nails. "I get comments on IG where people would love my nail art but they just can’t afford me," she explains. "However, with day-to-day life and work, I never had enough time to really focus on it." Fortunately, the nail pro predicts press-on nails to remain favored through 2021. "I think they are a nice alternative to getting nails done," she notes. "It’s so popular right now because even though some salons are opened and they are taking every precaution, not everyone is comfortable going to a nail salon now."

Try a pair of NAILS OF LA's new Press-on Nail Extensions for yourself, and consider adding a second pair in your cart for your nail loving bestie. And if you're a newbie when it comes to press-ons, follow a step-by-step for the best way to apply them.

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