Naadam’s Summer Cashmere Now Comes In Biker-Shorts Form

Courtesy of Naadam

When Naadam dropped a collection of summer-ready cashmere pieces earlier this year, you may have had your doubts. It's understandable — wearing cashmere now that temperatures are in the high 90s (or worse) doesn't exactly sound desirable. But it quickly proved to be a hit, taking over Instagram from the moment it landed in stores. It's still going strong, too — yes even, in July — which is why Naadam's brand-new cashmere biker shorts are such an exciting addition to the brand's lineup of silky-soft pieces.

And yes, they're exactly like they sound — the label took everyone's favorite biker-short trend and blended them with cashmere, making for an unexpected (but totally welcome) addition to your summer wardrobe. The limited-edition piece comes in five subdued colors, and will only set you back $90 — not bad for a closet staple you'll definitely wear all season (and probably well into fall, too).

Of course, this piece needed to be a little bit sportier, which is why Naadam blended its ultra-thin silky-soft summer cashmere with spandex "to give just the right amount of 90s P.E.-inspired stretch," as its product description explains. And they're great for wearing with athleisure, obviously — but, unlike most sportier biker shorts, they blend in more with your less-casual clothing, making them perfect if you're not quite as into a "sporty" look.

Courtesy of Naadam

Plus, because they're cashmere, the shorts will keep you more comfortable as the days get cooler. So if you've been dying to try the blazer-and-biker-shorts ensemble but can't stand the thought of wearing it in July, Naadam's new launch will let you do so in October.

Not really sure what to pair these with, but love them all the same? Summer knitwear is having a moment (and it's a good one), so you could just add another knit to the shorts and call it a day. Naadam's summer cashmere collection includes two tank tops (my personal favorite is the $75 Mockneck Ribbed Tank in powder blue) which would look perfectly chic with the biker shorts and still keep you cool.

Naadam's ribbed biker shorts are now available on its site — but just remember, they are limited edition. And given the fervor with which the masses have adopted this trend, you probably shouldn't expect this particular pair to stick around for long. Keep scrolling to shop them before they're gone.