Martha Stewart's Foray Into CBD Was Inspired By Her Garden

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Considering her many talents and projects, it's hard to believe Martha Stewart has space in her day for anything new. But, in true fashion, the queen of entertaining has thrown fans yet another curve ball with her latest venture. Martha Stewart's new CBD line, created in collaboration with Canopy Growth Corporation, marks her foray into this budding (pun intended) branch of the wellness business and it's actually pretty on brand for the hostess with the mostest.

If you think about it, Stewart has long been in the business of making people's lives more enjoyable, by teaching them classic recipes, inspiring them with her impressive morning routine, and so on — so getting into CBD was a natural next step. "I think of myself as an early adopter and being an early adopter, I was immediately interested [in CBD]," she shares with The Zoe Report. "Then, in learning and understanding what CBD can actually do for you and trying several products for myself, it became part of my wellness routine. Creating my own product line felt like a natural extension of my brand where the goal has always been to give consumers the products, knowledge and tools to live better lives."

Marquee Brands

What also makes Stewart's line quintessentially "Martha" is the fact that it's inspired by ingredients she not only loves using, but grows herself, including citrus varieties and berries, so you can expect them to be as delicious as they are de-stressing. "Our gummies are inspired by pâte de fruit style confections, drawing inspiration from some of my favorite recipes with natural flavors like those found in my own my greenhouse and gardens," she explains.

Speaking of stress, CBD isn't the only way Stewart has been practicing self-care during quarantine: She also counts getting out of the house (in a socially distant capacity, that is) and engaging in some of her favorite activities as ways to help her stay calm and happy. "I’m fortunate here on the farm in Bedford to have lots of outdoor space and fresh air to relax," she says. "I’ve done a lot of horseback riding and gardening in recent months. Riding can be good exercise and I always enjoy exploring nature."

And then, of course, there's culinary therapy. As per usual, the food aficionado has also been biding time in her kitchen, whipping up recipes focused on fresh, seasonal ingredients. "Right now we’re taking advantage of all the late summer vegetables growing here on the farm," Stewart says. "We canned so many tomatoes in September you wouldn’t believe. And beautiful okra, too, which I’ve prepared in a few ways. In the evening, if I have company, I like to make a round of my Martha-ritas with whatever fresh fruit we have on hand. I love fresh fruit cocktails."

Stewart's cooking and cocktail-making philosophy extends to her CBD line as well, with oils and gummies in garden-inspired flavors that include Meyer lemon, blood orange, kumquat and huckleberry. Prices for the products range from $34.99 to $44.99, and the business mogul teases that you can expect to see gift sets and pet products released just in time to make the perfect holiday gift for the Martha fans in your life.

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