The Under-$10 Drugstore Products That Kept Mandy Moore’s Emmy Awards Hairstyle In Check All Night

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Three things stood out perfectly clear about Mandy Moore's hair at the 2019 Emmy Awards: it looked flawless, healthy, and expensive. "After Mandy’s first fitting with Brandon Maxwell and we saw the silhouette of the dress the group consensus for glam was '90s Cindy Crawford supermodel'," reads a quote from Garnier Celebrity Hairstylist, Ashley Streicher, in a press email. And while this mission was achieved — and the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series nominee stunned on the red carpet — there is one fact beauty fans should know; almost every single hair product that went into the look retails for under $10.

Yes, really — but this doesn't mean that the routine was simple. "Believe it or not we started prepping Mandy’s hair the day before. I washed her with Garnier Pure Clean Shampoo twice to get her hair very clean and used Garnier Strengthening 1-Minute Hair Mask with Banana Extract," explained Streicher. Afterwards, the stylist dried Moore's hair with a towel and "generously" spritzed her roots with Garnier's $4.29 Root Amp Root Lifting Spray Mousse, working the product into the star's scalp. This was followed up by the $7.99 Whole Blends 10-in-1 Honey Treasures Miracle Leave-In Treatment, which Streicher applied using her hands onto Moore's ends.

"Next I blow dried her with my T3 Cura Luxe blow dryer with volume boost switch on, keeping as much volume in her roots as possible. Once fully dried and volumized, I applied her extensions and cut them into a clavicle-length lob," Streicher added. "I continued styling Mandy for the 'night before' parties and instructed her no washing the next morning."

Images by Jenna Jones / Courtesy of Garnier

To begin the day-of process, Streicher reached for a product probably somewhere in your own hair care routine already. "I firstly went through all of her roots with Garnier Pure Clean Dry Shampoo to soak up any heavy oils," the stylist explained. "Then began sectioning her hair out into sections to be curled with my Tangle Teezer Ultimate Teaser but the rat-tail end. This makes it all so much easier, cleaner, and more organized for curling (don't forget we have a full head of extensions)."

Images by Jenna Jones / Courtesy of Garnier

Then it was time to turn on the heat tools. Streicher worked in one-and-a-half inch sections, curling with her T3 SinglePass Curl iron. "Every other section opposite directions, spraying each section with Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Hold hairspray," she noted. "Once her entire head is curled I sectioned out the very top mohawk section and brushed into a big pincurl on top of her head to cool." This was spritzed with another round of Garnier's $5.99 flexible hairspray, then left alone for 30 minutes.

Images by Jenna Jones / Courtesy of Garnier

"After she changes into the top of her 'look', I had her sit and began section by section brushing out the curls while also back-combing the hair gently with my Tangle Teezer ultimate finisher and spraying each section again with Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Hold hairspray," Streicher explained. "At this point her hair is huge and she looks like the most ideal, iconic '90s supermodel. So now we need to dial it back just slightly to make her more modern classic."

To do so, Streicher brushed Moore's hair away from her face, while keeping her hairline in place with pins and Garnier's Style Extreme Control Hold hairspray. The rest of her hair was gently brushed out with the same Tangle Teezer Ultimate Finishing brush — "for a smoothed-out but volume-y finish."

Images by Jenna Jones / Courtesy of Garnier
Images by Jenna Jones / Courtesy of Garnier

Finally, when all was said and done, Streicher removed any added clips and misted her hairline with another dose of the Style Extreme Control Hold hairspray (and the rest of the 'do with the Style Flexible Hold hairspray). Then it was just time to make one of the most memorable appearances at the 2019 awards show. "The rest is red-carpet history!" said Streicher.

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