Lush's New Easter Egg-Inspired Bath Bombs Are Your Solution To Ethical Gifting

Lush's new Easter collection is vegan, self-preserving, low-waste, and adorable

Imagine this year's Easter basket being all vegan, low on waste, and virtually calorie-free. A gift this dreamy does actually exist, even if you can't eat it (sadly). Lush's new Easter range is the cutest non-edible collection of egg-shaped bath bombs, faux food soaps, and shower jellies there ever was.

You can always count on the bath artistes at Lush to come up with some of the most creative and colorful gifts come any holiday, from green shower cream on Halloween to Rudolph-inspired face masks on Christmas. This is the time of year when Lush introduces its annual Easter line, which this time features lucky carrots, magic rabbits, golden eggs, and lots of bunnies.

The new holiday-inspired hamper, $35, is the next best thing to candy. It includes the fizzy Dinosaur Egg Bombshell, containing a tiny T. rex surprise inside; a Cream Egg Bubbleroon made of moisturizing cocoa and shea butters; and the compulsory Golden Egg (toffee-scented and glittery) because what kind of an Easter basket would it be without one? The set is as eco-friendly as it is adorable, especially when wrapped up in Lush's new knot wrap (doubling as a reusable bag) adorned with spring flora and donkeys.


"Ditch palm oil-filled chocolate, wasteful single-use plastic and cruel chicken's eggs in favor of our range of vegan, ethically sourced and beautiful Easter products," the brand said in a recent Instagram post.

Between its emoji-shaped bath bombs, macaron-like shampoo bars, and soaps that resemble gummy bears and slices of brie, everything about the UK-based franchise — from its edible ingredients to its profoundly innovative packaging — challenges the norm. Its continuous focus on sustainability is just one more way it's leading the industry.

Everything in the spring collection is vegan and "self-preserving," which is to say that it's made without added preservatives (i.e. toxins). Besides the Easter basket, there's a $40 Golden Egg, which includes five goodies: the Magic Rabbit Bath Bomb, an egg-inspired Sunnyside Up soap with vegan jelly as its yolk, a Lucky Carrot, the Golden Egg, and the Cream Egg Bubbleroon.

The Avo Good Easter avocado soap (seed and all) might appeal to your foodie friends while the Bunny Buttercups bundle, with its twin bath fizzer cheeks, is the perfect kid-friendly alternative to chocolate. The gift sets are coming soon, but you can shop the rest of Lush's fresh and colorful Easter collection — prices ranging from $6 to $11 — ahead.