Kylie Jenner's "Hair Health Journey" Just Ended With Bronde Extensions

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Kylie Jenner's long hair is back, so that's a wrap on her "hair health journey"

After a three-week "hair health journey" and all-around natural beauty bender, it seems as though the 22-year-old Lip Kit mogul's bob days might be over. Kylie Jenner is looking more like herself — long hair, thicker-than-average lashes, perfectly-rosy cheeks — lately and somehow everything in the world feels a little more normal.

Over the past month, Jenner's stay-at-home aesthetic has been radically natural. Her 171 million Instagram followers have been granted rare glimpses of her naked nails, above-the-shoulder-length hair, and makeup-less face, a major change from the extravagant wigs, acrylics, and lash extensions we're used to seeing her in.

Now, it looks like the beauty tycoon is getting back to her usual antics. Over the weekend, she hosted a mini at-home photo shoot in which she's wearing long, blonde (bronde, rather) extensions. At first, fans thought the photos might have been resurrected from an old stash, but the fresh-faced selfie she posted on Sunday night confirmed that they are, indeed, new.

The blonde-ish look is a major departure from the butt-length, jet-black style she's known for sporting. In fact, these extensions actually sort of match the color of her natural hair. And they aren't nearly as long as her usual Cher-like locks, either.

Jenner herself has admitted that the sudden makeover is a result of boredom, similar to sister Kim Kardashian's recent quarantine makeup tutorials. In one of the captions, Jenner — with hot-pink lids — wrote: "Experimenting with makeup has been keeping me entertained. Hbu?"

She certainly isn't the only one resorting to major hair transformations to pass time in isolation. Dua Lipa has dyed her hair pink, Hilary Duff is rocking a temporary blue hue, Bella Hadid gave herself bangs, and Tallulah Willis went ahead and shaved her head on Instagram Live. (No, boredom is not boding well for the hairstylists of the world.)

Of course, Jenner's extensions are likely only temporary anyway. The hair chameleon has been known to change wigs as often as she changes clothes, after all (remember the Kris Jenner pixie moment?). For now, though, those caramel-colored extensions are the perfect bit of summer inspiration to help you plan your own transformation. Disclaimer: don't try at home.