The Best Stocking Stuffer To Grab At Target For Every Haircare Lover In Your Life

Courtesy Of Kristin Ess

Anyone that doesn't follow celebrity hair news may feel like Kristin Ess came out of nowhere. Though the celebrity stylist's eponymous brand has been a cult product at Target for a few years, the brand launched two major releases — the Kristin Ess styling tools and limited edition Kristin Ess fragrances — just this month. Since the brand seems to not be slowing down anytime soon, it dropped three Kristin Ess holiday gift sets at Target, each of which is already racking up rave reviews from fans.

The three kits combine Kristin Ess haircare products with accessories that match the brand's feminine minimalist aesthetic. All retailing at an affordable $14, you can pick from the #RoseGoals Kit, the Waves for Days Kit, and the Make it Last Kit. Each kit includes one full-sized Kristin Ess product and a coveted hair accessory. Snag a kit for yourself, or wrap the pretty boxes up to make stocking stuffers for your haircare-obsessed friends and family members.

Kristin Ess is beloved for releasing professional products at seriously cheap prices, and the gift sets are genuinely a bargain, too. Same sizes of the products featured in the Waves for Days Kit and the Make it Last Kit retail for $14 alone. The #RoseGoals Kit is only $2 more than a 7 ounce bottle of the Temporary Rose Gold Tint ($12) — a small price for the kit's exclusive Kristin Ess Celestial Bobby Pins, which you can use to achieve a similar wintery glam look to the one Lauren Conrad wore to the 2018 Baby2Baby Gala.

The two accessories included in the other kits are also haircare scores. Previously, the only place to find the Make it Last Kit's chic French hair pin was a set that sold the pin and a frizz-reducing satin pillowcase. Since that kit is also only $14 (and sleeping on satin pillowcases helps your hair and skin) it's an easy buy, but having the option to score the pin with a 4 ounce bottle of the Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo may be exactly what you need. The paraben-free dry shampoo contains vitamin C and the brand's Zip-Up Technology, which aims to strengthen weak areas of the hair like split ends or damaged cuticles.

Looking to impress a true Kristin Ess fan? Followers of the celebrity stylist are going to flock to the Waves for Days Kit, which contains a 6.7 ounce bottle of the Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray and a metallic bar hair clip. Lauren Conrad's beachy waves are absolutely iconic, and Kristin Ess is behind the loose curls that changed how the world uses heat styling tools. The stylist used her knowhow to craft the Wave Spray included in the holiday kit, which is applied after you wave your hair instead of before to reduce crunchiness and up your hair's shine.

Giving someone tools to achieve great hair during moisture-zapping winter is a gift that will keep on giving. Below, seven Kristin Ess stocking stuffers, including the limited edition Kristin Ess fragrances and all three holiday kits.