Khloé Kardashian Just Dyed Her Hair The Shade You’re About To See Everywhere

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From reality TV to groundbreaking makeup lines and clothing labels, the Kardashian women know just what it takes to spike a major trend. Exhibit A: The youngest sister just joined a handful of celebrities who've dyed their hair lighter for winter, an unexpected (but welcomed) move for cold-weather season. Yes, Khloé Kardashian went platinum blonde, and you may just want to follow her lead.

The 34-year-old took to Instagram stories on Mon. evening to debut her new look: an icy, white-blonde hue against loose waves with plenty of volume. Although the shade isn't a huge departure for Kardashian, who almost exclusively sports blonde hair, it's a deeper, icier hue than the yellow-blonde she's worn in recent weeks. As with any celebrity hair change, it's unclear whether Kardashian actually dyed her hair, or if she's wearing extensions, but her new look certainly looks convincing.

While light shades aren't necessarily a traditional winter choice, plenty of celebrities have going brighter for the season. Hilary Duff posted her brand new platinum hair on Instagram, along with the stressful journey that came with bleaching her entire head. A week prior, Lucy Hale, a veteran of frequent hair changes, opted for a new look, too. Instead of leaning on an expected dark-brown hue for the holiday season, Hale turned heads when she decided to dye her bob a golden-blonde tone.


This isn't Kardashian's first time trying something new when it comes to her hair. While she started her career in the spotlight 11 years ago with rich-brown hair and swooped side bangs, she's had just about every style in the book since then.

With help from famous stylists like Andrew Fitz Simmons, Justine Marjan, and Ouai's founder, Jen Atkin, Kardashian has been able to achieve a large amount of hair looks in a short time. From slicked buns to voluminous curls — you name it, Kardashian's tried it.

Although it seems like she's stuck to a longer length since giving birth to her daughter earlier this year, she became well known for her blunt lob in 2017, inspiring many women to ask for the "Khloe Kardashian" at their own salon.

It's still unsure whether her newest hair transformation is the work of an intense dye job or an expertly placed wig. Regardless, this bold look is the perfect way to brighten up a season that's often cold and dark.

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