Katie Holmes Just Paired Your Go-To Topknot With The Chicest Dress Of All Time

picture alliance/picture alliance/Getty Images
Katie Holmes' bun at the AAA Arts Awards was casual, yet chic

It's about time the topknot became a respectable hairstyle once and for all. For so long now, it's been delegated to Sunday mornings and second-day blowouts, but things are undeniably shifting for the exemplary lazy girl updo of late and Katie Holmes' bun at the AAA Arts Awards is a case in point. This ridiculously easy look shows just how casual chic can be.

At some point in 2019—probably around the time she went viral for hailing a taxi in a cashmere bra—the 41-year-old became a certifiable fashion influencer. Whatever Holmes says goes and right now, she's saying that an untidy topknot is perfectly acceptable for, say, a snazzy benefit dinner.

The actor attended Thurs. night's American Australian Association (AAA) Arts Awards Dinner wearing the absolute chicest white dress—head-to-toe ruching, off the shoulder, the ultimate gala piece—with black tights and strappy heels, but she didn't pair it with a fancy hairstyle. Instead, Holmes pulled her brunette locks up in the sort of bun you might wear to spin class on Saturday morning.

She didn't bother with achieving a perfectly even twist or even combing down the flyaways that jetted off in every direction. Holmes, rather, kept her updo low-key like the the quintessential cool girl she is.


Basically, the Dawson's Creek actor knows that she can get away with literally anything post-cashmere bra incident. These days, she approaches every polarizing trend with a "watch me" attitude and this bun moment is proof.

Other celebrities — Olivia Wilde, Lupita Nyong'o, and the real bun queen Florence Pugh — have proven recently that the casual tie-back is (finally) worthy of wearing outside of the gym. Guess that means you won't be needing the flat iron this weekend.

Holmes' rendition is perfect for a dinner gala or, rather, your upoming Valentine's Day date, especially when paired with an elegant outfit like hers — balance is the key. Just pull those unruly locks up into a loose knot, letting the flyaways go every which way they want to and voila! You have yourself the trendiest hairstyle of 2020 and, more importantly, one that's Katie Holmes-approved.