How To Pull Off Colorful Eyeshadow, According To Kaia Gerber

Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Kaia Gerber's rainbow eyeshadow was a change from her usual fresh-faced look.

With all that’s happening in the outside world, there’s no better time to take a page out of Kaia Gerber’s book and distract yourself with some makeup experimentation. Actor and friend of the model Tommy Dorfman shared an Instagram post on March 17 showing how the two of them were spending their time own quarantining: practicing their makeup skills. While both looks were chic, Kaia Gerber’s rainbow eyeshadow, done by Dorfman, certainly stole the spotlight.

One thing to note about the look is that it’s not your classic Roy G. Biv rainbow, but instead a toned-down twist on the neon eyeshadow of the ’80s that’s spiked in popularity as of late. Dorfman originally paired Gerber’s green, yellow, red, and blue eyeshadow with fluffy brows and a nude, glossy lip, but in another photo they added in an Elizabethan-style red lip, with color swatched just down the middle of Gerber’s lips.

Though it’s not just celebs and models like Gerber who have taken a liking to rainbow colors; brands, too, are abandoning neutral tones in exchange for brighter options this season. Urban Decay’s newest line features candy-colored eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lipsticks, and UOMA Beauty’s Black Magic Carnival collection is another launch that’s campaigning for people to adopt rainbow eyes for spring.

Color can be intimidating, but before you run back for your brown and beige smoky eyes take a few tips and test the waters. An important part of creating a rainbow eye is selecting your colors and tints wisely. While a hot magenta eyeshadow is great, it’s often better reserved for a monochromatic look or a double-toned eye. Finding colors that are slightly desaturated can take a five-color look from overwhelming to chic.

There's also no reason to stick to the exact rainbow order, as Dorfman demonstrated in Gerber’s look. Sneak blue between red and yellow instead of orange, or leave out one or two hues while playing with the rest of the rainbow’s colors and you’ll find a variety of unique combos.

Ahead, four palettes that’ll help you achieve a modern-day rainbow eye.