The Decor Trend You Definitely Didn't See Coming

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Bringing natural elements indoors has been a dominant theme in the last few years, and in 2020, the design technique is expanding even more. While decorating with greenery is still going strong, the latest craze is indoor water fountains, which provide a sensory experience beyond your typical decor. And with searches for indoor water fountain ideas up a whopping 917 percent on Pinterest, you may want to get in on this trend this year, too.

Internet searches aside, interior designers have also seen an uptick in interest when it comes to the sculptural decor. "As an interior designer, I think indoor water fountains are one of the best purchases you can make," says Jessie Salcido, an interior designer for Living Spaces. After all, she says, they can help to "create a more peaceful environment that still feels in-line with contemporary trends."

Leslie Frausto, another Living Spaces interior designer, agrees. "Given that most people are spending more time in their homes, I think adding relaxing features such as a water fountain is a great way to add a touch of tranquility into a space," she says. "Interior design, after all, isn’t just about looks — it’s about the feeling a space evokes."

While putting a water fountain in your home may seem over-the-top at first, the designers assure that both minimalists and maximalists can find accents that fit that tastes. "The first trend toward indoor fountains embraces the baroque style fountain with lavish ornamentation," says Salcido. "The second trend is toward smaller, minimalist fountains, connoting zen vibes and designed to blend into the background rather than ‘pop’ out on its own." Further, Frausto adds, "using a fountain [in a] subtle or bold [way] depends a lot on the scale."

If you want to get in on this trend — but you aren't sure where to start — read on. Ahead, interior designers weigh in on some indoor water fountain ideas that are easy to implement, no matter your style.


Set The Tone In The Entryway

Want to set a meditative mood as soon as you walk through the door? Heather Fujikawa, Owner and Principal designer of Habitat Studio in Dallas, Texas, describes the entryway as the "optimal" place for a trickling sculpture. "It can instantly give a relaxing feeling upon entering or exiting a home," she says.

Salcido mentions this is also an ideal spot for a fancier fountain with old-world touches. Consider arranging it with other modern accents for an eclectic, contemporary look.

Enhance The Rooms Where You Relax

The sound of running water is inherently soothing, and Frausto suggests rounding out the experience with other sensory accents. "If it’s a small tabletop fountain, a great option would be to pair it with an essential oil diffuser or a relaxing scented candle," she says. Creating a calming space is often about invoking as many of the senses as you can." Naturally, this can benefit you in your bedroom. "A peaceful ambiance can encourage better sleep – and a fresher morning," she says.

If long, luxurious baths, home facials, and DIY mani/pedis are your ultimate idea of self-care, consider enhancing your "me time" with soothing water sounds. "I think another great area to incorporate a water fountain is a master bathroom," says Fujikawa. "Having a water fountain feature opposite or alongside a freestanding tub would give off a spa-like effect that could set the tone of relaxation and calm for the bathroom when the tub is off."

One other idea? If you're into yoga or meditation, placing a fountain where you practice can help you get into the zone.

Incorporate With Other Natural Elements

"I'm all about bringing nature indoors, so I think the use of water fountains indoors is a fun, new trend to be celebrated and encouraged," says Fujikawa. She recommends blending this with other organic decor. "Not only can you add an indoor water fountain vibe, but it instantly makes you think to add greenery, as well. Bringing not only greenery, but water indoors can bring an instant feng shui, a calming factor, and can add a rad design element that sets a room apart.”

Salcido says that natural lighting completes an indoor oasis. "Placing [a fountain] next to a window or in a space [that's] brightly filled with natural light can be the final touch you need to make a space come alive with refreshment," she says.

Add Interest Where You Entertain

Of course, the sensory, sculptural decor is a good conversation piece where you and your friends and family gather. "The dining room is a great place for an indoor fountain," says Salcido. "Water sounds are fresh and tell a beautiful story of nature at its purest. Place one in a back corner, where it is a part of the background and won’t demand attention, or in an adjacent room where even though it may not be seen, it can still be heard."

Round Out Your Art Collection

Fujikawa mentions that a fountain can be incorporated into your art collection, as well. For those just dipping their toe in the trend, "A subtle idea could be incorporating a small-scale water fountain to your space, intermixed on a gallery wall so it's part of a collection of items," she shares. "It will [add a surprise element] with the other hung art."

But for those wanting to dive right in, "A bold use of water fountains could be using it at the base of a staircase," says Fukijawa. "You could go wild and incorporate some fish and plants into the water feature, as well."

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