This Is Your Perfect Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Karen Tietjen and Narayana Montufar
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The concept of a relaxing, fun time is different for everyone — especially when it comes to date night. And when it comes to the ultimate romantic evening, the options are literally endless. From the classic dinner and a movie to meandering around Target with a Starbucks in hand, pretty much anything can be considered a "date" if you're spending quality time with an S.O. or romantic prospect.

If you're getting to know someone new, the thought of organizing an evening that'll impress can be daunting. Yet, in long-term relationships, it's easy for outings to become routine. That's why learning the perfect date for each zodiac sign can bring inspiration to your Saturday nights (or maybe an anniversary or special occasion?), while sparking new ideas for your next rendezvous.

Ahead, Narayana Montufar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com and Horoscope.com, shares creative date ideas, based on her expertise of each astrological sign. Whether you're a fan of friendly competition, leisurely strolls, romantic dinners, or pulse-racing activities, one thing's for sure: The best dates are the ones that are designed for your interests.



"Going on a date with an Aries is definitely a fun ride. Fiery and fearless, dates that get physical or competitive are their style, like riding fast and furious go-carts, indoor or outdoor rock climbing that works up a sweat, and even a night of board games are just the perfect foreplay for this hot and stormy sign. The icing on the cake? Aries will still have the energy for a never-ending night of passion."


"If you want to date a Taurus, get ready for a high-class experience. From decadent dinners with perfect lighting and romantic music, to classy museums and art shows, this elegant earth sign adores surrendering to the finer things in life. Be prepared to spoil them — they know they’re worth it."


"Easy-going and charming, Geminis love dates that involve entertainment and stimulation. From double dates to blockbuster films, lively street festivals, and road trips — it’s hard to have a bad date with this fun sign. The one thing to know is that there will be lots and lots of talking. For this highly mental sign, a good debate is what lights their fire."



"Netflix and chill, anyone? A walk along the beach or a romantic boat ride followed by a home-cooked meal is what the watery and sensitive Cancer truly appreciates. Picnics, antique fairs, and cuddling at drive-in movie theaters are other ways of appealing to their romantic and vintage side. The best you can do for this sign is take care of them, as you can be sure they will know how to reciprocate."


"Lights, camera, action! When dating this sun-ruled sign, dress up to attend the ballet or opera, followed by dinner at a sexy lounge or the most-talked-about restaurant in town. A pool party with fancy cocktails or a karaoke night that puts them in the spotlight might also do wonders. Dating a Leo is never boring, of course—as long as can you can keep up with them."


"When trying to please the perfectionist sign of the zodiac, it’s good to have a plan A, B…and C. Practical and smart as a whip, this sign loves going to book stores, trivia nights, and even a chill stroll through a rose or botanical garden. Virgos are crafty health freaks and would never reject a yoga, cooking, or pottery class where they can polish their skills."



"The first thing to consider when you ask a Libra out is wearing the perfect outfit for the occasion. Once you have that, what could go wrong with a sign that appreciates art, style, and music? Known for their excellent taste, Libras love high style and would love being taken to a fashion show, a gallery crawl, or even a shopping day around town."


"Scorpios are sultry night creatures who love anything exotic and a good mystery to solve. Street smart from head to toe, any Scorpio would fancy a scavenger hunt or a murder mystery night followed by a stop at a sexy hookah lounge or burlesque show. Don’t worry, these folks excel at working under pressure…and they can certainly take the heat."


"When dating an Archer, the number one priority should be to give them a target. It goes without saying that the globe-trotter par excellence would find it hard to reject going camping or a weekend getaway, but adventurous outings like biking, hiking, and horseback riding followed by an exotic meal will have this fun sign craving for the next adventurous date with you."



"Driven Capricorns don’t have a lot of time to spare and will only go on a date with someone worth their precious time. The classic and traditional dates, like dinner and a movie or a stroll around a historic town, do apply here. But to impress them, help them unwind from their busy life by booking a duo spa day, or take them away for a wine tasting weekend."


"Are you ready to get weird? You better be if you want to date cool kid Aquarius. This intellectual air sign is a communication wizard who enjoys quirky and eccentric scenes like indie rock concerts, science-fiction movies, and comic book and vinyl shops. Because it’s hard to get to their heart, appealing to their inner Einstein with science or tech-y museums takes you halfway down the road to alien land!"


"Romance-obsessed Pisces is easy to please as long as you’re ready to be in the moment. Mystical and intuitive, they love to indulge in imaginative and expressive activities like movies, musical concerts, magic shows, and even poetry or stargazing nights. When the weather allows it, being nearby or in the water is also a safe bet when wooing this dreamy sign."

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