Christie Brinkley Has A Super-Simple Trick For Nailing The Mismatched Dining Chair Trend

Christie Brinkley / Instagram
Christie Brinkley's dining room features the mismatched dining chair trend

Whether you consider yourself a diehard thrifter or you just gravitate toward an eclectic style, you've probably considered a non-matching dining room set at one point or another. When done right, the look can be undeniably chic, but anyone who's attempted it knows that mixing and matching dining room chairs can go wrong — and fast. Which is why, if you're considering it, a little inspiration never hurts before you dive in. Luckily, Christie Brinkley provided just that with a photo of her own dining area on Instagram.

The model's image came courtesy of a New Year's gathering Brinkley appeared to host in her home, and featured snippets of her kitchen and festively covered marble dining table. However, the real star was the 66-year-old's seating, thanks to a mixture of wood armchairs an an ornate upholstered chair flanking the end. It's an unexpected combination, no doubt, but Brinkley managed to pull it off flawlessly — and you can too, if you follow her lead.

While a lot of design advice dictates that mismatched chairs should have at least one common element or even be roughly the same style, the model eschewed that here for an easier trick. Instead of going the traditional route for this risky look, Brinkley chose another tried-and-true method: only changing up the chairs at the end of her table. You have to admit, she nailed it.

With the rest of the room's vintage-inspired, slightly glam style, her seating choices bring everything together, rather than looking like a mistake. And it's proof that you, too, can achieve this look; just make sure most of your table looks uniform, and then choose a statement piece for each end that doesn't seem out of place in the space. Voilà — you've mastered the mismatched dining chair trend, Christie Brinkley style.

Because there's a never-ending amount of dining choices out there, you might be slightly overwhelmed at jumping into this look headfirst, even with Brinkley's dining room to guide you. So, The Zoe Report has rounded up a few lookalikes of the model's own pieces, which you can shop just ahead.

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