The Unexpected Style Christie Brinkley’s Relying On To Get Her Hair Through Quarantine

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Kudos to you if you’ve taken the time during quarantine to master the French braid or perfected a sleek high ponytail. But if you’re looking for another way to switch up your WFH hairstyles, there’s an incredibly easy one you probably haven’t even thought about since your early childhood years: the pigtail. And leave it to none other than Christie Brinkley's pigtails to show you what your rotation of quarantine 'dos has been missing out on.

On April 26 — among adorable photos of her dog — Brinkley shared two pictures on Instagram of her smiling while rocking two pigtails. She parted her bangs down the middle and pushed them to the side, showing us how to perfectly deal with grown-out hair. She also featured the hairstyle in an Instagram story, writing, "Quaran-time for a hairdresser or hat!"

And while you may not be sold on this style just yet, there are lots of reasons that make a case for why low pigtails are the ultimate quarantine hairstyle. Sure, pigtails are typically associated with your days of jump rope and Legos, but this look keeps hair out of your face without adding the damage that often results from high buns and tight ponytails.

Yes, your favorite go-to WFH styles that are saving you a few washes can actually be harming your hair. According to Byrdie, these updos can cause friction and tugging, which leads to breakage and damaged hair. But unlike buns and ponytails, low, loose pigtails like Brinkley's don't tug on the hairline and require a lot less dry shampoo than other styles since they’re not lifting up and showing the underside of your roots and strands. And, if nothing else, this style can also be a lifesaver if your DIY trim didn't go quite as expected by making uneven strands look less obvious.

Christie Brinkley / Instagram

Trendy, easy, and low damage — how could anyone say no? Ahead, a couple of products to help you get the perfect pigtails and give your a hair a break (the good kind).

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