How Christian Siriano's Home Decor Inspired His NYFW Show

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Though he initially became a familiar face as a Project Runway contestant — or rather winner, to be precise — designer Christian Siriano's career couldn't be limited to reality television. He's proven himself off-screen, championing more inclusion in the fashion industry and creating memorable looks on runways and red carpets alike. And his newest collection, which he's showing this Thursday, Sept. 17, may be one of his most personal — especially considering the fact that it's taking place at Christian Siriano's home, a space that's just as much an extension of his creative talents as his clothing.

NYFW Spring 2021 shows are looking a little different this time around, making use of socially distant and virtual events to maintain safety during the pandemic. But that doesn't have to be a limitation. In Siriano's case, his private home in Westport, Connecticut proved the perfect location to present his latest collection — plus, it connects seamlessly with his recent partnership with Lowe's, a curated collection of furniture and decor pieces that aren't just inspired by his concept of "home," but that will actually be featured in his spring show.

For Siriano, the choice didn't just make sense for social distancing purposes, but was also an opportunity for him to connect these two platforms for design. "Like fashion, home is a huge part of our design expression, so I knew this collaboration with Lowe’s fit perfectly with my own design interests," he tells The Zoe Report. "Ultimately, I think what you surround yourself with at home can shape the person you project to the world, and that’s why I was so excited to partner with Lowe’s to curate home designs that help people make a statement at home and all aspects of their life."

The Lowe's collection is filled with laid-back but elegant finds — much like his Connecticut home. The designer achieves his desired home aesthetic by mixing contemporary and vintage pieces. "I love my home to feel warm but modern, and recently I’ve been admiring both Mid-Century Modern and vintage Italian pieces from the '50s and '60s," he says. "Even with these aesthetics, I like to keep my home light and open, with neutral fabrics and soft colors — like the Lowe’s decor edits that you’ll see throughout my runway."

Adding unique vintage finds allows Siriano to make his home feel more personal, and some of his most prized decor possessions are in fact those with their own past lives. "Lately I’ve been loving my unique vintage dog side table," he says. "It’s silly, but so cool. I also have an amazing brass palm tree sculpture that is definitely a statement piece in my home. It’s from an old hotel, (probably) circa 1950."

While Siriano admits that he's always been a major enthusiast of interior design, he believes the pandemic has only magnified the importance of creating a peaceful and inspiring environment in one's home. "Right now, home really is the ultimate backdrop for self-expression beyond what you wear," he says. "Now that everyone is spending more time in their homes, personal surroundings play a special role in one’s own statement and self-care."

And what more perfect way to marry these two creative endeavors than Siriano's spring show? You'll have to wait until Thursday to see how he translated his latest inspiration into a wearable collection — as well as how his Lowe's selections fit into the overall environment — but the designer gave The Zoe Report a few hints as to what you can expect. "This year’s NYFW shows are about greater access, comfort and intimacy within the fashion industry," he explains. "The same goes for how people will view and design their homes moving forward. I think bold color, textures, and strong silhouettes will be my trend takeaways from this collection, and I can’t wait to incorporate them even more into my next home project."

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