Emily Ratajkowski Is The Latest Celeb To Try An At-Home Hair DIY

Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Emily Ratajkowski cut her mid-length hair at home

Throughout quarantine you've seen celebrities dyeing their hair pink, aquamarine, and orange. You've seen them getting mohawks, bangs, and even going back to their natural hair before deciding, oh no, and clipping extensions back in (that one's Kylie Jenner, of course). While most alterations have clearly been quite dramatic, Emily Ratajkowski just cut her hair at-home and made a case for skipping the theatrics and opting for a subtle trim, instead.

The model showed her more than 26 million Instagram followers the DIY cut with a selfie on April 26. "Gave myself a haircut and went for a drive so," Ratajkowski captioned the post, proving it's the little things that matter right now. Because, though the cut is not as jaw-dropping as Ruby Rose's buzzcut or Miley Cyrus' mullet à la Joe Exotic, freshening up the ends of your strands is just as satisfying — and maybe best of all, healthy for your hair.

In the post, Ratajkowski's brunette hair still hit well-past her clavicle and onto her chest, but instead of wispy ends, it was blunt and straight across. A little trim might not seem that hard, but getting a level, even length — especially through to the back — isn't as easy as it looks. However, Ratajkowski showed off the back of her head in a later Instagram story when she was doing a Q&A and proved her sheer skills are top notch.

Plus, since the 28-year-old didn't tag any of her usual hairstylists like Christian Wood or Jennifer Yepez, it appears like this cut may have been done all on her own without anything as much as a video call to guide her through (#impressive).

So, whether the urge to change your appearance in some way has gotten to you or your hair is in actual need of a trim (but going to the salon is still out of the question), take a page from Ratajkowski and give yourself a DIY trim. It may turn out something like Ratajkowski's, aka *much* better than you thought.