Dua Lipa Debuted Another New Hair Color — & No, It’s Not Pink (Or Orange, Or Blonde)

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Neil Mockford/GC Images/Getty Images
Dua Lipa dyes her blonde hair brunette

After you go from sporting blonde, pink, orange, and red tresses in a matter of months, what else is there to do with your hair? Call up the past and don your natural color, of course. Back by popular demand (literally), Future Nostalgia singer Dua Lipa has brunette hair once again.

Though bright and bold hair colors had a powerful reign during quarantine, it seems they have finally fallen. And, looking back, nobody carried the crown quite like Lipa. While celebs like Dakota Fanning, Hilary Duff, and even Kim Kardashian dyed their hair electric colors like peach, aquamarine, and red, they only did so once. Whereas Lipa dyed her original icy blonde hair a whopping three times; first pink, then a subdued orange, and last, she capped things off with a firetruck red.

But now, mid-July, she's taking her hair in a different direction. The singer posted a throwback photo via Instagram on July 14 of her natural, dark brown tresses with the caption, "should I bring her back?". Two days later — and an overwhelming amount of "yeses" in the comments — Lipa gave fans what they wanted. On July 16, she posted a four-photo series showing off her new brown hue with the caption "back by popular demand 💁🏻‍♀️."

This time around her brown isn't as dark as its natural, almost black, hue; it's more of a chocolate shade with the slightest hint of auburn. And judging by the drool-worthy selfies the singer posted, it's safe to assume she's as happy as her fans with the return to brunette.

With all her hair changes, it's clear Lipa is about setting trends instead of following them. In 2019, she basically catapulted the now-famous two-tone style (blonde front pieces with the rest brunette) into orbit, and now, with more and more naturally brunette stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Kaia Gerber opting for blonde tresses, Lipa is going back to her roots (yes, pun intended).

As much as anyone loves a nostalgic moment, though, there's no telling how long this shade will last. Will she go darker? Will she throw in a color like blue? Whatever she does, it's bound to look good.

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