Kim Kardashian Just Debuted A *Very* Surprising New Hair Color — & No, It’s Not A Wig

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The year 2020 has brought with it many unexpected surprises — and included in that list are the hair color trends that celebrities have started in their boredom at home. First, it was pink; then orange began to make an appearance, and finally (or so we thought), it was blonde. But then, Kim Kardashian dyed her hair red, simultaneously shocking the world (or Instagram, at least) and adding yet another must-try color to the growing list of 2020 hair trends.

And if you're thinking there's no way she actually dyed it, her hairstylist Chris Appleton (who helped her make the major transformation) addressed that assumption head on, captioning a video of Kardashian's new cherry red hair in a video on June 29: "Red head 🍒 it’s NOT a wig before you start with that sh*t," clearly knowing that many fans would immediately jump to that conclusion.

Though Kardashian is known for making major hair switch-ups — and often — she hasn't debuted *as* many as usual since much of the world has gone into quarantine, making this surprising new color even more of a welcome change for fans looking for inspo from the star. "It was time for a change and Kim was feeling the red," Appleton told The Zoe Report in an email on what inspired the choice of the shade. "It’s fun and a different vibe." And considering it's nothing like the baby pinks and bleach blondes that have taken over as of late, it's probably safe to say that this fresh shade will inspire a new wave of copycats looking to try the next big trend before everyone else.

But before you head to the drugstore to pick up your dye kit, take note that Appleton would not suggest making a similar change without professional help. "I was on site using all of the necessary safety precautions," he explains. "It’s a very lengthy process to get Kim to this vibrant cherry red, I wouldn’t recommend someone do this color transition on their own." That said, if you're wanting your own colorist to try this shade on you, Appleton gave some insight into how he created this look: "We chose to leave about an inch of root, then lighten the ends, then went over the hair with the red." Overall, the celebrity hairstylist said the process took approximately two hours.

Kim isn't the only one in her family serving up hair inspiration worthy of copying this week, though; it seems something is in the air with the KarJenners as of late. Kylie debuted not one, but two hair changes, going from blonde to pink in the span of a few days (though, unlike Kim's, her looks were almost definitely courtesy of wigs). And just before Kim went full redhead, Khloé Kardashian switched from bronde to brunette, showing off her new long, chocolate brown hair in an Instagram post of her celebrating her 36th birthday party.

Clearly, the sisters are feeling inspired to try some new looks this season — which means if you're in need of some hair inspiration, there's bound to be even more coming soon. Let the guessing begin on which color they decide to try next.

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