Why You Should Add Dior’s New Brow Product To Your Makeup Bag, Stat


Your eyes may be the window to your soul — but they're far from the most impactful feature of the face. Gorgeously groomed and defined brows give dimension and drama to daily makeup looks, taking the typical to totally show-stopping. And while you could employ an entire suite of brow-boosting products to achieve the look, wouldn't it be easier to do it all with just one multi-tasking tube? If you're ready to revamp your eyebrow routine, you'll want to grab Dior's Diorshow Pump 'N' Brow ASAP.

From its daring fashion to its dramatic beauty looks, the iconic French house of Dior could safely be considered a trailblazer. In the beauty space, the brand singlehandedly resurrected the colorful eyeliner trend on its runways this season, and revolutionized its already cult-loved Diorshow mascara by introducing an all-new formula that creates lightweight volume and leaves no clumps. And now, Dior's bringing that same innovative technology to its new Pump 'N' Brow gel, to give you artfully volumized and defined arches.

The $27 brow mascara, which will hit Dior's department store makeup counters beginning May 2019, is a fiber-building formula that allows you to create brows that are as dense and thick as you desire. On top of that, the lush mascara is infused with vitamins E, B5, and B8 to give hairs a deep conditioning treatment with each application — plus the hydrating formula means it won't flake off midway through the day (score).

Perhaps the most innovative component of Dior's newest Diorshow launch, however, is its packaging. As the name suggests, the brow mascara comes in a squeezable tube that you pump a few times to liquify and disperse the desired amount of product onto the brush. This ensures an even application every time, thanks to a softened consistency that sweeps easily through brows without clumping. After applying in an upwards motion from the inner corner of your brows outward, they'll be left with just the right amount of natural color and volume.

After drying, the Pump 'N' Brow mascara sets each hair in place for all-day hold, without a stiff feeling — it's even water resistant and transfer-proof so it'll stay where you've put it until you take it off at the end of the day. It's available in five different shades, from Blonde to Black, that coordinate with the Diorshow Brow Styler pencil; use the two products together for an ever bolder effect.

Head over to Dior's website to discover all five shades of the inventive new brow styler, and find your nearest boutique to snag a tube for yourself.