How To Pull Off The Colorful Eyeliner Trend — The Dior Way


Dior fashion shows consistently prove that eye-catching eyeliner can be the only thing an outfit is missing — and you should consider the new shades of Diorshow On Stage Liner a personal invitation to join in. Retailing on Dior's website for $30.50, the liner is now available in three limited-edition matte colors: a soft blue, a minty green, and an unexpectedly pretty muted orange.

The pastel liners are just one of the new cosmetics from Dior's spring Lolli'Glow collection; a candy-themed makeup suite complete with pastel eyeshadows and deep, dark red nail polish. Scrolling the collection, fans may instantly recognize the hand of Dior Makeup's creative and image director, Peter Philips. An eyeliner visionary, Philips was the genius behind the Spring 2015 Dior Pastel Eyes Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches — though according to Vogue designer Raf Simons had a hand in it as well.

The pastel On Stage Liner shades are a little trickier than adhering a strip, though; there are just so many more options. So how would Philips use the available shades? First, pick up the neutral felt-tip eyeliner hues that were already released. "I have a weakness for white, a color that is both pure and very intense. I like using it to enhance another color," Philips said in a press email. "First I apply the white and then yellow, for example, just above it to make the color appear even more vibrant."

Courtesy of Christian Dior Parfums

For a more everyday, office-appropriate look, try echoing the Pastel Eyes style. First, line your lid above your lashes as you would with any regular liner. You can swipe on some mascara and be done there, if you'd like — the colorful liner doubles as eyeshadow, taking up a similar amount of visual space on your lid.

Or, add another curved line from the same color above it. Just take a look at Lucy Boynton's eyeliner from the SAG Awards if you need extra inspiration — the actress' look balanced subtlety and red carpet glam perfectly. You could always reverse where you put your extra color as well, popping the same shade below your lower lash line à la Dior's Fall/Winter 2018-2019 show. (Matching sunglasses optional.)

Courtesy of Christian Dior Parfums

Feeling ready to take on this trend in Dior style? Shop all three limited-edition pastel shades of the Diorshow On Stage Liner below, then grab any complementary colors you need from the house's website.