2020's Newest Jewelry Trends Include This Unexpected Style

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Statement Earrings
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There's something deeply transformative about jewelry. Slipping on a stack of exquisitely crafted rings or a pair of textural earrings doesn't stop at just looking good. Rather, these subtle statements all play into cultivating a personal sense of style that is, of course, unique to you. If you've already been working on your collection of bijoux in recent years, then the next item on the agenda should be to learn the new jewelry trends for 2020 — and to pick from that list according to what piques your interest most.

In the last few months, there's been a slew of new trends begin to crop up in the corners of Instagram, many of them born from innovative content creators who illustrate how to wear them in everyday life. Some of these trends have been a slow burn, like chunky chains (more on that ahead), while others seem to have shown up overnight. Whatever the case, it's evident that the start of the new year has plenty of jewelry trends ripe for the wearing. Ahead, discover six new ones you may or may not have heard about already and if you envision them enhancing your existing jewelry box, shop the picks to get a kick start on your new decade of style.

New Jewelry Trends: Chunky Chains

It's hard to call chunky chains a trend at this point thanks to the sheer amount of times it's made its way in and out of the trend cycle, however, it's impossible to ignore that chunky chains are back — in a big way. If you're interested in trying it out, consider wearing two link necklaces together for a bold effect. Alternatively, you could reach for a chunky chain bracelet and pair it with your favorite gold watch.

New Jewelry Trends: Regal

With all of the minimalism that's saturated the jewelry trendscape in recent years , it's no surprise that brands are eschewing the pared-down look for something more ornate. Enter regal jewelry. Several designers and influencers are embracing yellow gold crafted with gemstones that resemble something you might find in a king's court. Worn with something modern, like a pair of leather pants, this trend can look remarkably cool.

New Jewelry Trends: Reworked Hoops

Gold hoops are nothing new but it seems just about every jewelry designer under the sun is reimagining the staple for 2020. Whether it's asymmetrical shapes, unexpected indentation, or even a double-helix effect, be sure to keep your eye on what the new classic gold hoops look like for the year.

New Jewelry Trends: Novelty

Jewelry designers have offered a smattering of fun-to-wear pieces that embrace a youthful aesthetic. This can manifest in a myriad of ways, from a pair of enamel cherry earrings all the way to animal-shaped charms on a necklace.

New Jewelry Trends: Bold Drop-Earrings

Statement earrings take on a new meaning year-after-year and for 2020 this term will look something similar to the bold drop-earrings above. Look for designers creating with light wood or enamel so your earlobes can withstand a day's worth of wear.

New Jewelry Trends: Mix-And-Match Rings

Another slow-burn trend: mix-and-match rings. While the trend du jour a few years ago was to wear several dainty stacked rings, the look to go for in 2020 will be all of your favorite rings worn at once — even if they wouldn't traditionally be worn together.

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