Cindy Crawford's Style Essentials Are Probably Already In Your Closet

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When it comes to looking glamorous all the time, there are few women who do it better than a supermodel. Case in point: Cindy Crawford's off-duty style. The runway queen always manages to look completely effortlessly put-together even when donning the simplest, most pared-down ensembles. Her wardrobe is full of edgy pieces like leather pants as well as more tried-and-true items such as a simple midi slip dress. Plus, she still sticks to one of the biggest trends from her modeling days in the '90s: black kitten heels. The beauty of Crawford's signature style is that it's so approachable and easy to emulate yourself.

The magic formula in all of Crawford's looks can be summed up in one word: versatility. The model habitually invests in select timeless items that will carry their weight as the seasons change, allowing her outfits to evolve while still staying consistent. If you're interested in adopting said formula, take note: Crawford's way includes sticking to mostly neutral colors like black, white, and navy, and adding a single pop of color in interesting and unexpected ways (like accessories or a jacket).

Ready to walk the Crawford way? To make her tried-and-true style guide work for you, ahead, TZR rounded up the four essentials she relies on over and over again.

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