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Chest Skincare Products To Perfect Your Complexion Everywhere

To put it bluntly, you probably need to take better care of your boobs. The breasts, chest, and neck are often overlooked when it comes to consistent skincare routines — but these areas are just as affected by sun damage, pollution, and aging as the skin on your face, if not more. Luckily, chest skincare products to perfect your complexion everywhere are trending, making it easier than ever to give your ta-tas some TLC.

Even dermatologists agree that a little breast-focused skincare is in order. “When considering skincare, the bust is generally neglected,” Dr. Aanand Geria, a dermatologist at Geria Dermatology in New Jersey, tells The Zoe Report. But just like the skin on your face, the skin on your chest is exposed to the elements and needs protection. “The upper portion of the breasts in particular are prone to early sun damage, because it’s not an area that most people apply sunscreen,” he says.

Sun damage isn't the only culprit, either. Dr. Geria adds that this area is often dry and in need of hydration, since women tend to stop moisturizing at the chin. “When you wear a bra, your chest can be subject to sweat, redness, and irritation as well,” Lynnsee van Gordon, the co-founder of Anese, a brand that’s at the forefront of the boob care movement, tells The Zoe Report. “There’s also the not-so-talked about issue of nipple chafing.” Ouch, but true. All of that adds up to acne, sensitivity, inflammation, and flaking skin.

“In the bust area, women tend to see a loss of volume, firmness, elasticity, and bounce,” Nannette de Gaspé, the founder of her namesake skincare brand, adds. “When you consider that the bust area is one of the first areas on the body that visibly shows the evidence of weight gain and loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, natural progression of age, it becomes quite easy to understand.” While sagging breasts or stretch marks aren’t "problems," per say — they’re just another part of the natural, beautiful process of aging — they are things that some women would rather not deal with.

So, can’t you just extend your facial care regimen a little lower? In some cases, yes — go ahead and slather your favorite sunscreen all over your décolletage to keep it protected from the sun’s harmful rays. But in terms of tending to current concerns or reversing past damage, a bust-specific regimen is best. As de Gaspé says, “The skin on the face is quite different than the skin on the body and should always be treated as such."

“The skin on the breasts can be more delicate,” Dr. Geria clarifies — so this isn’t the place to test out your new wrinkle-fighting retinol cream or harsh exfoliating scrub. Besides sunscreen, hydration is key for cleavage. “Because skin comes into contact with skin, we need to make sure the area is moisturized,” he says. Opt for a daily layer of SkinCeuticals Neck, Chest & Hand Repair, which hydrates while brightening sun spots; or Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment, known for firming and moisturizing in equal measure thanks to potent botanical extracts.

To level-up your routine, indulge in a weekly masking session for your chest and breasts — the dermatologist maintains this can help bring hydration and elasticity to the area, while also fighting sun damage. “Look for ingredients that are gentle, will help reduce redness, and make boobs soft,” van Gordon suggests. Anese’s aptly-named Calm Your Tits is ideal; it’s “an intensely nourishing boob mask enriched with collagen, green tea, and organic honey,” she says. Just 20 minutes a week calms irritation from chafing and reduces bust blemishes.

“Argan oil and hyaluronic acid will hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles,” Dr. Geria adds. Both are present in Nannette de Gaspé Uplift Revealed Bust mask, which serves to do all of the above plus “re-shape the contours of the bust by increasing fullness, firmness, and skin elasticity,” according to the brand founder.

Ahead, 13 skincare products specifically designed to give your boobs the boost they deserve.

Calm Your Tits Perky and Nourishing Boob Mask



"This is formulated to help with damage from sun exposure," van Gordon tells TZR. "It also gently removes sweat, reduces redness and irritation from chafing, and reduces the appearance of acne and blemishes you get on your chest."

Uplift Revealed Bust Infuser


Nannette de Gaspé

"Due to our waterless formulation featuring a whopping 90 percent concentration of powerful active ingredients and emollients that plump and lift the skin and are activated by the body’s pH and light massage, we are able to achieve significant curve-enhancement in a non-invasive way," de Gaspé says of her marine collagen and hyaluronic acid-infused bust mask.

Bust Dust



Stop chafing and sweating before it starts with a sprinkle of Bust Dust. Featuring moisture-absorbing naturals like arrowroot and kaolin clay (to soak up sweat) and lavender and chamomile (to reduce irritation), it's basically fairy dust for your cleavage.

Be Well Breasts Daily Massage Oil


La Copine

An oil designed with breast health in mind. Treat yourself to a daily massage with this blend of calendula, jojoba, and sesame oils; topped with frankincense and cedarwood essential oils, it smells as good as it feels.

Those Boobies Tho Boob Scrub



"Those Boobies Tho is a gentle boob exfoliant made with six botanical extracts," van Gordon says. "It is formulated to visually reduce blemishes, acne and stretch marks."

Wrinkle Release Neck & Chest Sheet Mask


Skin Laundry

"Look for ingredients that fight sun damage, like niacinamide," Dr. Geria says. The derm-approved ingredient stars in Skin Laundry's busty sheet mask set, so stock up.

Chest, Neck & Face Cream SPF 30



Vitamin E and SPF 30 come together to tackle common chest issues; namely, pollution and sun damage, dry skin, and irritation.

Cold Plasma+ Neck & Chest Broad Spectrum SPF 25


Perricone MD

Kill two boobs, I mean, *birds* with one stone with Perircone MD's SPF-infused moisturizer. Its high concentration of niacinamide helps heal compromised skin while protecting it from future damage.

Neck & Décolléte Wrap Skin Perfecting Silicone Treatment



This silicone wrap from Nurse Jamie was specifically designed for the décolletage, and only needs 20 minutes to work its magic: locking in moisture and plumping the skin, so fine lines are a thing of the past.

Firming & Lifting Neck Cream



Made with the brand's patented alguronic acid (an anti-aging powerhouse) and peptides to restore skin to its youthful appearance, Algenist's plant-based moisturizer is a must.

Super Restorative Neck and Décolleté Concentrate



If you've been careless with sun protection in the past, stock up on Clarins Concentrate to reverse some of that damage. The harungana extract inside is known for repairing "crepe-y" skin, while oat sugar smooths out uneven texture and rock-rose extract helps with tone.

Neck, Chest & Hand Repair



Target sun-induced age spots with SkinCeuticals Neck, Chest & Hand Repair. Twice daily application is said to brighten hyperpigmentation (via hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid) and leave the area feeling silky smooth.

Breast Mask



Treat your chest to a perfectly-shaped sheet mask care of Kocostar, designed to deliver moisture and increase firmness.