Ciara Is Removing Her Stretch Marks, But Now She Can’t Move For An Entire Week

Mark Davis

Ciara has been showering us with a ton of inspiration lately, as her post-baby journey continues. Just last week the mom of two shared an uplifting Instagram post where she got real about her baby weight and how she plans on bouncing back. Today, her feed got even more interesting as she explained that she’d be undergoing a stretch-mark removal process. It wasn’t the fact that she’s getting her marks removed that surprised us, it was the fact that she dubbed this her “No Movement Week.”

She’s been candid about the fact that she’s been working out very hard with her personal trainer. However, prior to this upcoming treatment, she won’t be doing anything for a full week. Ciara didn’t go into detail about what exact treatment she’s going to try for stretch-mark removal, but fans are eager to learn more. Judging by how open she’s been about her body since giving birth in April, we’re sure she’ll provide an update soon. Surely, when she does share the full details of her treatment, plenty of us will consider not moving for a week in preparation as well.