Here’s What Bella Hadid’s Met Gala Beauty Look Would Have Been, According To Her Makeup Artist

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Bella Hadid's Met Gala looks are always stunning and unique.

Headpieces full of dentures, golden blade-like eyelashes, ears made of angel wings — this isn't some fantasy novel or laughing gas-induced dream — these are just a tiny fraction of the looks that have been witnessed on the Met Gala red carpet. While the postponement of 2020's event is disappointing, a handful of celebs and makeup artists have been sharing all the beauty possibilities that could have materialized and, no surprise, they're good. One of the makeup artists blessing Instagram with Met Gala creativity was Sam Visser, who posted a potential Bella Hadid Met Gala beauty look for 2020, one that was both a surprising and stunning transformation of the model.

On May 4, Visser teased followers with a post featuring closeups of Hadid, captioning it "WHAT WOULD’VE BEEN... MET 2020." Arguably the most noticeable thing about the entire look was her new long strawberry red hair. While it's most likely a wig, those crimped waves are enough to make any '90s baby swoon.

In fact, the whole look was very much inspired by the decade of grunge. Hadid's glossy brown lips, pale lavender eyeshadow sans liner, peach blush, and thin brows all paid tribute to what you could expect of stars on the red carpet during that era. This year's theme was supposed to be "About Time: Fashion and Duration," so it would make sense for Hadid to have a look that highlights another decade of hallmark style.

On the same day, Visser shared another post featuring Hadid in a very similar '90s look. While he didn't mention anything about the Met Gala, Hadid had the same light red hair, this time straightened, and the same makeup save for an added bit of eyeliner and a new glossy nude color on her lips.

At previous Met Galas, Hadid hasn't shied away from makeup and hairstyles that dramatically differ from her everyday look. Last year she stepped out in a Linda Evangelista-inspired pixie cut and major cat-eye, and in 2018 she rocked a slicked-back bun, sharp, upturned brows, and a fresh face that played with her costume, which could only be described as Dracula's bride's attire.

While we've seen an influx of '80s neons and bold funky shapes from the '60s popping up on red carpets and trending in new makeup lines, Hadid's look hints that the grunge minimalism of the '90s might be making the biggest comeback of all.

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