This Insta-Favorite Bath Brand Just Launched A New Hand Sanitizer

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Courtesy of Bathing Culture
Bathing Culture's High Spirits Sanitizer is the newest product from the brand.
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No one would've predicted that the hottest skincare product of 2020 would be hand sanitizer, but with the pandemic being the reason behind its rise in popularity, it makes just looking at a bottle of it stressful now. So in order to help the fight against the virus (and subconsciously reduce these unhappy feels), Instagram's favorite bath brand decided to produce its own version. The launch of Bathing Culture's High Spirits Sanitizer features cheerful bottles and relaxing scents to help you sanitize, but in a friendlier fashion than its modest, single-use plastic counterparts.

The new spray formula is now available on Bathing Culture's website and comes in both a rainbow-laden, spray-top, 2-ounce glass bottle ($10), and an 8-ounce refill bottle ($20) made from 100-percent recycled plastic . But other than the mood-boosting and colorful eco-friendly design, there are a few features that make it different from your typical hand sanitizer, starting with the scent.

Fans of the brand will instantly recognize its signature Cathedral Grove Scent that's present in products like the Outer Being Face & Body Oil, and now its hand sanitizer. While the blend of cedar, vetiver, and ho wood certainly smells good, the featured essential oils offer more than just that. Cedar has been noted for its possible anxiety-reducing abilities, as has vetiver — so on top of blasting germs, you'll be getting a mini aromatherapy sesh, too.

But what about the nitty gritty science-based details? Bathing Culture made some changes there, too. Instead of using isopropyl alcohol, a common ingredient in hand sanitizer, the brand chose 72 percent non-GMO corn-based ethyl alcohol, which meets the CDC's recommended standard of 60 percent. And of course, another notable feature is Bathing Culture's choice to opt for glass and recycled plastic bottles versus the common single-use plastic containers.

Bathing Culture is also joining a list of many brands that have recently started making hand sanitizers, many of which are giving back to a greater cause. For Bathing Culture, $1 of every purchase of its new sanitizer will go to DigDeep, a non-profit that works to "ensure that every American has clean, running water forever."

Shop Bathing Culture's brand-new hand sanitizer, below.

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