This Is Where Fashion Insiders Shop For Their Home Decor

A fashion insider leaning on her table while wearing a leather jacket and jeans

The intersection of fashion and interior design is a well-documented one — the industries and their leading tastemakers have drawn inspiration from one another for decades. Take the current 1980s renaissance, for example. Power suiting and gold jewelry have resuscitated in tandem with curved bouclé furniture and pastels. So, it’s only natural that we’re now seeing this crossover play out via the industries’ primary mode of communication: Instagram. Fashion editors and influencers are now offering apartment decorating ideas by way of their latest vintage decor find or room revamp.

Paris-based creative director of Musier Paris Anne-Laure Mais, London-based stylist and writer Monikh Dale, and Sydney-based art director and founder of Badlands Journal Talisa Sutton are prime examples of this evolution. All of these women are fashion insiders first and foremost, but their homes continue to feature more prominently on their feeds and within their body of work.

In short, their accounts serve as one-stop shops for aesthetic inspiration. Below, explore Parisian eclecticism with Mais, retro modernism with Dale, and coastal Australian meets Scandinavian minimalism with Sutton.

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Apartment Decor Idea: Parisian Eclecticism

Anne-Laure Mais could be considered the poster child for quintessential Parisian style. Both her home and wardrobe embody the effortlessly chic aesthetic that the French capital is famous for, down to her colorful cardigans and mismatched furniture. The founder and creative director of Musier Paris lives in the fifth arrondissement (right behind Notre Dame), and has been refining her apartment design for a year now.

“Many apartments in Paris are Haussmann-style, so obviously this look influences your vision,” she says of her design approach. “I like classics, and I think it’s important to make a space feel warm; I really hate when a home looks too empty or cold. Our apartment is a bit of a mess at times, but it feels really lived-in.”

Like her wardrobe, Mais’ apartment is brimming with unique vintage finds, like her cherished brutalist living room chairs. “I’m definitely a vintage lover — it’s part of my identity,” she muses. “We have a lot of secondhand shops and flea markets, specifically in Saint-Ouen, and many Parisians sell on Leboncoin (an online platform that’s similar to Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace). This helps me source unique pieces from many different eras.”

While Mais has already lived in her apartment for a year, she’s in no rush to finish decorating. “Design is much more difficult than fashion, I think. It’s so hard to visualize pieces in your space. Sometimes, we have something in mind, and it looks totally different in real life,” she explains. “You need to be patient with interior design — it takes time to find the perfect piece of furniture for each room.”

Her best-kept shopping secret: In addition to Leboncoin, Mais sources unique vintage pieces through Selency, Pamono and eBay.

Apartment Decor Idea: Retro Minimalism

For Monikh Dale, a stylist and writer who calls South West London’s Balham neighborhood home, the line between interior design and fashion is basically nonexistent. “My flat is like walking into my personality,” she quips. “I dress it exactly the same way I dress myself.”

This season, that means all things retro. Dale is enamored with '70s-inspired stripes, plaid power suiting, and statement collars — the sartorial equivalents of warm wood furniture, rattan accents, and pendant lighting. “I’ve gone with very minimal decor with a retro edge, just like my spring and summer 2020 wardrobe,” she muses. “My favorite piece is my vintage glass and wood coffee table, sourced via Soho Home — I will have it forever, or as long as it lasts!”

As far as design advice goes, Dale also believes that patience is a virtue— especially when living in a cozier space. “I love living in London, but that means having a smaller flat. So we’re very particular about what we buy, purely because we don't have much space,” she explains. “If it takes a few months to find the perfect sofa or bed, that's fine! It’s worth the wait.”

Her best-kept shopping secret: In addition to Soho Home, Dale frequents The Conran Shop, Made, John Lewis & Partners, West Elm, and Zara Home.

Apartment Decor Idea: Mid-Century Modern With A Twist

If Instagram is any indication, Talisa Sutton has long harbored a love of interior design. The art director and fashion influencer has been sharing photos of dreamy white-walled spaces since 2013, and now, her stunning Kensington home is one of them.

Aptly described as “mid-century modern meets relaxed coastal Australian, with a bit of Scandinavian minimalism in the mix,” Sutton’s home is as serene as they come. With crisp white walls, woven accents, and plenty of greenery, her space is part-beach house, part-modern respite. “Our first place was in Bondi Beach, so we definitely had a bit of that coastal influence when it came to designing this home,” explains Sutton. “It has a very Sydney-slash-California feel.”

Despite the cohesive aesthetic, Sutton’s space is an amalgam of pieces sourced from different vacations, artists, and eras. “Our home is filled with vintage furniture and travel finds alongside a few special investment purchases from designers we love,” she explains. She also collects art by emerging local and international artists, like the prized painting by Danish artist Christiane Spangsberg that hangs over her couch.

“My husband and I were new to the art world, but Christiane's pieces spoke to us so much,” she reflects. “We were very lucky to get our hands on a beautiful work both times she has shown in Sydney.”

That said, she also recommends taking your time when decorating a home. “Live in the space for a while before making any drastic changes,” she suggests. “Before we moved here, we painted the floors and walls, but left everything else until we had a true feel for the space. From there, we slowly replaced furniture, hung paintings, and installed new light fixtures.”

Her best-kept shopping secret: She always checks online vintage stores like En Gold and Curated Spaces, in addition to boutiques Anibou, Vampt, and her own online store, Shop by Badlands Journal.