The Affordable Piece Every Minimalist Should Have In Their Jewelry Collection


If you tend toward a mostly minimalist aesthetic, you probably live by a "less is more" mantra when it comes to dressing. The rule helps you maintain a sleek style, and probably saves you some money along the way since you're not shopping tons of over-the-top accessories. Maintaining a minimalist vibe, however, doesn't mean your looks should be totally devoid of finishing touches — and if you've been searching for some stylish yet simple accent pieces, a few affordable signet rings are the solution.

When you envision a super-sleek everyday ensemble, you're probably not thinking about an outfit that includes tons of blinged-out jewelry or in-your-face accessories. On the other hand, you don't want a simple style to come off as boring, so it's best to still incorporate some elegant items that elevate the entire look. And if your same-old signature pieces just aren't doing it for you anymore, you'd do well to consider scooping up a couple of sleek signet rings to round out your collection.

The classic, clean-lines style has long been a fixture in jewelry boxes, thanks in part to its personal nature (you've possibly peeped one on the finger of a family member that's been passed down for generations). Now, signet rings are seeing a recent surge in popularity, with designers spurning out iterations with no shortage of modern, minimalist flair. And here's the great news: Many of them come at a more than reasonable price.

Case in point, accessible fine jewelry brand Mejuri's sweet star signet ring. The $59 ring, perfectly sized to be worn on your pinky finger, features a solitary sparkling white sapphire placed within a twinkling star setting. It's as sleek and simple as you'd want a minimalist accessory to be, but doesn't feel too subtle thanks to a touch of shimmer from the inlayed stone. London-based designer No 13 likewise brings a hint of boldness to its sterling silver signet ring, which holds a whimsical engraved and beaded lightening bolt at the center of the shield-shaped design. At $123, the ring still comes in at a relatively easy price.

If you fancy a far simpler style, there's luckily been a rise in completely bare signet rings that feature a smooth, bare face. Soko's oval signet ring, $68, still brings tons of interest despite being bare, because of it's unexpected east-west orientation. And this $38 Rebecca Minkoff signet ring at Shopbop receives a super-feminine treatment thanks to a charming beaded edge around the smooth face. Slide it on to style with everything from office outfits to after hours drinks.

Simple styles never have to read as snooze-y or plain, and fashion-girl favorite retailer's current offerings of signet rings are proof. Whether your minimalist aesthetic trends super-modern or you prefer a touch of feminine charm, there's a signet ring style you can seamlessly incorporate into every outfit in your closet — keep scrolling to see for yourself.