We Went On A Hunt To Find The Best Personalized Jewelry

Shay Jewelry

If you spent your childhood with an initial-baring tote, a monogrammed robe, or even a jersey emblazoned with your last name, there's a good chance you're still in the monogram fan club. If that's true, these days, custom jewelry is the best way to get in on the monogram trend. Even if your approach to finery is usually minimalist, a unique and personalized piece of jewelry is one you can wear day-to-day without switching out, but feels more intimate than your average bauble.

A chunky gold signet ring engraved with your initials or a cool script nameplate necklace hits just the right balance of simple and special. But you aren’t limited to featuring your name, if that's not your thing. The initials could be those of a loved one, text could spell out someone else’s name or just a fun buzzword or mantra. Plus, many brands go beyond words and letters with their personalization options, featuring numerals, charms, and amulets as the objects to create your custom bijou. And not only are these personalized pieces a chance to get creative and express your individuality, they come in handy too. If anyone ever dares to ask the question "what's your sign," you have an automatic reply.

Whether you’re looking for fine or fashion quality, something traditional or modern, pre-made or one-of-a-kind, below you'll find 14 brands that are the spots to shop for signature personalized pieces. Read on to learn more about each line’s aesthetic and offering, and shop a selection of the chicest customizable picks from the collections.

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry

When Jennifer Zeuner founded her namesake jewelry line in 2010, Cameron Diaz was her first celebrity client. Since then, countless other A-listers (Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, et. al.) have followed suit, flocking to the brand for its effortlessly chic bijoux that are begging to be stacked and layered. The personalized collection includes traditional pieces (try one of the monogram disc pendants), something cool and modern like initial huggies, or something to express a shared love (the two-initial necklaces are great for this).

Jemma Wynne

Designers Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin create precious pieces that never feel overly fussy or suited only to special occasions. Rather, the duo’s brand of high-end jewelry is marked by stylish sensibility, understated elegance, and casual wearability. The personalized selection is comprised mainly of delicate, diamond-studded designs. The thin gold bangles with rectangular or hexagonal ID bars encompassed by a row of gemstones, and the monogram-engraved tablet pendants that come laced with white diamonds or covered in colorful sapphires and tsavorites — are both pieces you can wear every day.


This cult-favorite jewelry brand from designer Kelly Shami has been spotted on such celebs as Beyoncé, Ariana Grande (she wore several Shami styles in her recent “Thank U, Next” music video, including the necklace below), Hailey Baldwin, Miley Cyrus, SZA, and Dua Lipa. The line is characterized by a streetwear influence that can still skew minimal when styled simply. Favorite items include a chunky nameplate accented by a diamond-studded lightning bolt, and oversized bamboo-texture hoops with your name spelled out in bubbly script. No matter which Shami piece you pick, it’s sure to add instant cool to your jewelry game.

Kim Dunham

If you’re in search of a truly bespoke signet ring, Kim Dunham is it. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are hand-engraved with whatever you can dream up — a coat of arms, a unicorn, a monogram, virtually anything. On the interior of the band you can add a special inscription, be it a message, mantra, quote, or song lyric. To start creating your own custom signet, all you have to do is contact the designer via her website. Or, shop some of the pre-made designs (below) that Dunham created for a capsule with Goop. The collection includes such options as spirit animals and zodiac signs, and you can still add the personal message on the inside of your selected piece.

Stone and Strand

The online jewelry retailer carries many brands, including its own in-house collection, which features a range of personalized options. But what’s really taken the spotlight is Stone and Strand’s recent collaboration with Instagram influencer, Sporty & Rich founder, and former Kith Women creative lead, Emily Oberg. The capsule features a selection of 10K gold and diamond designs with a number motif. Each piece allows you to select two numbers — your birth year, lucky number, etcetera — for a cool, sporty spin on traditional personalized jewelry.


When husband and wife Murat and Beth Bugdaycay founded the brand in 2015, their aim was to create a collection of modern heirlooms that the wearer could curate to express the their own unique story and individuality. The necklaces offer the most options for personalization, featuring a selection of chains, charms, and medallions to build your own unique piece. The talismans are categorized by tenet, featuring symbols and icons that represent such values and intentions as love, strength, karma, protection, passion, and dreams, among others.

Sarah Chloe

It all started when jewelry designer Zahava Ryzman gave birth to her first daughter and wanted to create a nameplate bangle with her daughter’s name: Sarah Chloe. From there, the Sarah Chloe Jewelry line came to fruition, with a focus on the personalized designs that first inspired it. The collection offers both fashion and fine options, suited to display a name or initials any way you want. There are signet rings in all shapes and sizes and ID necklaces, too, with a variety of customization options, like font or script style, nameplate or ID tag, full name or just initials. And of course, there are the signature cuffs.


Shay Fine Jewelry has legacy built into the brand thanks to the mother-daughter duo at its helm, Ladan and Tania Shayan. Building on the timeless, multi-generational appeal, they approach personalized jewelry with a mind for both trends and luxury. From pavé signet rings to curb-chain ID bracelets, their trademark designs come encrusted in diamonds and set in chunky precious metals for an edgy approach to fine jewelry that makes a big impact. If you’re going to wear your name on your sleeve, so to speak, do so boldly, without sacrificing a drop of glamour.

Bing Bang

The contemporary jewelry brainchild of fine jewelry designer Anna Sheffield, Bing Bang is a NYC-based studio loved by the city's trendsetters for its downtown edge and modern, minimalist appeal. The core collection includes wearable, everyday essentials you want to put on and never take off, and the personalized options are no different. Whether it’s a set of tiny letter studs or a dainty initial pendant, an engraved cigar band or a classic nameplate necklace (which you can get with your name or whatever buzzword speaks to you), the custom pieces will convert you into a diehard #BingBangBabe in no time.

Loquet London

This British fine jewelry brand specializes in personalized keepsake necklaces. You start by selecting from a range of glass-faced locket pendants and chains, and then comes the fun part: the charms. Each go inside the clear locket like a curated collection of tokens you wear around your neck. Options include everything from simple shapes like hearts and stars, to birthstones, initials, animals, religious symbols, and other emblems of love, luck, and happiness.

Luisa Alexander

The brand’s Liami Collection, so named for the Hebrew word meaning "my people," puts the focus on gemstones. Each personalized ring is made to order with your desired combination of colorful birthstones and other precious and semi-precious stones, all available in various cuts and shapes. At the center of your ring sits a pavé diamond initial for an added personalized touch. Make yours as bold and bright or classic and elegant as you like.

The M Jewelers

If it’s a good, old-fashioned, Carrie Bradshaw-esque nameplate you’re after, The M Jewelers is basically the mecca. The jewelry boutique has a brick-and-mortar location in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District, but its online store and huge Instagram following have made it popular worldwide. The brand counts many famous names among its fans, including Kylie Jenner (she commissioned a custom piece for her Barbie costume this past Halloween), Millie Bobby Brown, Hailey Baldwin, and Kendall Jenner. Just in necklaces alone, there are over 60 customizable styles to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that suits you individual taste.

Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher was first inspired to launch her eponymous line after the birth of her first child. She wanted a piece of stylish fine jewelry with her son’s name engraved, but couldn’t find anything she liked and thus created her own custom design. Since its start in 2005, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry has expanded to include both brass fashion jewelry and fine-quality pieces, but personalization is still at the heart of the collection. The celeb-favorite brand allows you to design your own necklace from a selection of chains and charms, in addition to its offering of ID tag pendants, nameplate necklaces, engraved cuffs and signet rings.

Baby Gold

After spending several years working in private label fine jewelry, Los Angeles native Helen Ashikian decided to launch her own line upon noticing her daughters’ love of gold jewelry. The eldest of the two girls, Olivia, had been given the nickname “Baby Gold” by Ashikian’s clients, thus inspiring the name of the brand. The line caters to chic moms and their equally stylish miniatures, featuring a range of customizable fine jewelry for women and children alike, It’s a mommy-and-me collection for the fashion-minded set, whether you’re buying something special to commemorate a milestone, or simply have a kid with a magpie’s eye and want to wear matching bijoux.