Classic Jewelry Pieces Every Fashion Girl Should Own


As fun as it is to experiment with the latest trends, there’s something to be said about the classics that we return to time and time again. From our clothing to accessories, it’s much easier to justify a significant spend on something timeless because you know you’ll have it in your wardrobe forever (and wear it myriad ways year after year). Jewelry is one of those categories that often requires a lot of rationalization, particularly if you’re investing in expensive pieces. Diamonds, gemstones and precious metals come at a serious cost and, for most, splurging on a trendy style is not always super feasible or even practical. So, when shopping for a new piece of jewelry, the classics are typically the way to go.

Whether you’re the type to pile on the jewelry or pare it back to just the essentials, classic pieces will work for you regardless. Even if you tend bold and eccentric with your baubles, it’s impossible to resist a versatile pair of classic studs, refined rings or a delicate necklace as they complement and balance out even the most brazen of styles. While each of these trinkets is more than enough for dainty tastes on a daily basis, they’re just as remarkable when layered with statement pieces and can actually ground a more experimental look.

While simple in design, classic jewelry hardly reads boring. In fact, subtler styles are transformative for any outfit, whether you’re polishing up for work, elevating basics or in need of a few glimmering accents for an occasion or a night out. The result is always sophisticated and you can always build upon these essentials with trendier pieces.

Timeless jewelry is also perfect for gift-giving. We know all too well that some tastes can be, um, difficult to please. So why risk it? A sleek hoop earring or stackable ring will always hit the mark no matter who you are catering to.

And while jewelry is certainly one of the most expensive categories you’ll ever shop for, contemporary and demi-fine jewelry brands are putting out well-made options at more attainable price points these days. This means timeless, quality jewelry can be had by all (so there are literally no excuses for counting yourself out of the investment jewelry game).

Ahead, scroll on for our list of eight classic jewelry pieces every woman should own.


8 Elegant Jewelry Essentials

Diamond Studs

Stud earrings are probably one of the first pieces of jewelry women choose to invest in, with a diamond pair being the ultimate goal. With just the right amount of sparkle to wear day in and day out, nothing is as versatile or elegant. If you can’t afford diamonds, there are plenty of affordable alternatives on the market from white topaz to cubic zirconia.

An Initial Necklace

We love a bold name plate á la Carrie Bradshaw, but an initial necklace is a skosh more classic. You can still have fun with this look whether you choose to wear your own letters or that of a loved one—or even a pet (hey, we’re not above it!).

Stackable Rings

Ring stacking may be a more modern trend, but that doesn’t mean that refined rings aren’t timeless. Whether you pile several on to each finger or wear one or two on the daily, everything from simple bands to gemstones and diamond-adorned styles will forever have a place in your jewelry box.

Sleek Hoops

Another of-the-moment jewelry trend that also happens to be timeless is hoops. For maximum versatility, go for a medium-sized hoop in polished gold—the effect is sophisticated enough for work and dressier occasions, but still appears modern with trendier tops and dresses. When you’re ready to upgrade, indulge in a diamond pair.

A Linked Bracelet

Chain links are always elegant, especially in the form of a delicate bracelet whether you’re for a cable, Figaro, curb or rope variation. For fall, linked pieces are the season’s top jewelry trend—further proof that timeless pieces can also feel directional.

A Dainty Diamond Necklace

What can we say, diamonds never cease to please. A small diamond on a delicate chain is special and refined whether you wear one solo or mixed with various pendants. Don’t worry, options are available for budget-conscious shoppers, too.

A Signet Ring

In the ring department, nothing feels as traditional as a signet ring, especially when worn on the pinky. Though often a piece of jewelry you’ll find geared towards men, myriad jewelry brands have unique and feminine silhouettes on offer from slimmer cuts to east-west shapes.


When you think of timeless jewelry, it’s difficult not to picture a single strand of pearls, right? While we’re all for this look—if that’s your taste—a fresh way to modernize pearls is with a contemporary design like unique earrings or a bold ring (which is yet another recent trend in the jewelry world). While there’s no harm in freshening up a classic, we do suggest simpler silhouettes that appear at once unique and refined.