8 Brilliant Kitchen Tools That Food52 Shoppers Can’t Stop Raving About


As you're drafting your resolutions for the quickly approaching new year, it's likely that you're aiming to bring a little extra intention into different areas of your life. And if getting more creative in the kitchen makes your list of 2019 to-do's, you'll want to be sure to stock up on the brilliant kitchen tools from Food52 that shoppers can't get enough of — these gadgets and appliances are so helpful you'll question how you ever cooked without them.

Cooking is a great skill to have. It's obviously a requirement for sustaining life (unless your budget accounts for unlimited take-out), but it's also an inherently creative practice that can provide your life with a whole other level of richness. The only thing that may stand in your way of foodie enlightenment? Sub-par tools that make whipping up a winning meal anything but effortless.

Luckily, Food52's curation of pro-level cooking tools is ready to save your kitchen from becoming a disaster zone. The food-obsessed brand stocks everything you'll need to nail breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert — and some of the gadgets have gained seriously impressive ratings and reviews for being the cream of the crop.

Upgrade your weeknight dinner prep with inventive tools like this recycled bamboo colander and pour bowl set, $39, and these ingenious Frywalls, $69. The bowl set, which you can feel good about buying thanks to its planet-friendly production, makes draining pasta easy and pouring liquids a breeze — so there'll be no more spills in sight. Frywall's BPA-free silicone three-size cone set fits perfectly within your pans to shield you from painful oil splatter or bubbling stain-prone sauces, but can also be used to extend the surface area of your pans to make more room for cooking down a pile of leafy greens.

If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, you'll want to stock up on a few of these foolproof egg coddlers that take all the trouble out of making morning eggs. Get a two-egg sized tool for $24 and according to the rave reviews, you can consider all your weekday breakfasts handled. For more indulgent weekend brunches, grab a set of walnut rolling pins, $40, for making scones, biscuits, and other baked goodies.

Before you spend another year agonizing over the less-than-stellar kitchen tools you've had for far too long, treat yourself (and your dinner guests) to some effective, ingenious cooking aides that'll make time spent in the kitchen actually enjoyable. Browse some of Food52's highest rated and most-loved kitchen tools below.