11 Practical Kitchen Gifts For All The Amateur Chefs In Your Life


So, your favorite foodie only asked for practical kitchen gifts this Christmas. Yes, that may sound like the foodie equivalent of only asking for socks, but really there are so many gifts for people who love to cook that are practical and still a little luxurious. Since so much of home cooking comes down to the tools you use, surprise your amateur chef by decking them out in the good stuff: Le Creuset, Food52 goodies, and more.

To start you off, anything from the Food52 shop will make a foodie jump with joy. Browse Food52's list of must-have kitchen bestsellers to get an idea for what your giftee might like. But really, you can't go wrong with a single piece from the store; Food52 is just as much an online cooking community as it is a publication, and its store reflects the fact that passionate home chefs are watching.

For your particular home chef, you can't go wrong with a cast iron spice grinder. The $35 tool lets you toss in spices and grind them to your exact coarseness, and if you accidentally created too much, just pop on the beech wood lid for safekeeping. The fact that the entire tool is cast iron is an extra touch.

Speaking of cast iron: You've probably heard of Le Creuset's cast iron dutch ovens, even if you're more likely to order a pizza than cook a meal at home. You can find deals on the regularly expensive cookware for the holidays — like this 6.75-quart Le Creuset dutch oven on sale at $370 from $462.50 — thought the price still reflects the equally high quality. Even though it doesn't look like it, the dutch oven is made from cast iron, with an enameled coating that makes it dishwasher-safe. That means that your foodie will get all the benefits of a cast iron oven, like consistently even temperature distribution, minus having to do the more extensive maintenance bare cast iron requires.


Is your foodie already bonded with a cast iron oven or skillet? The Lovett Sundries Cast Iron Conditioner has a perfect rating on Tastemade's shop and only costs $17. Like conditioner helps maintain your hair, the specialized oil and sea salt blend will condition the cast iron cookware your foodie loves.

Maybe they already have the actual tools they need, but are lacking in storage to actually keep all the food they cook. In that case, give them some options that don't involve basic plastic storage they'll just end up throwing away. Namely, a ceramic lunch bowl, like this oddly pretty one from Terrain for $42. Who knew to-go containers could look so good? And if you cringe at the amount of plastic baggies they go through every week, throw in a few of these Reusable Silicone Half-Gallon Bags from Stasher, which will save them both money and plastic use.

If your favorite foodie has no need for wild gadgets, avoid getting them something that's just going to collect dust and opt for a practical kitchen gift this year instead. Ahead, 11 that'll easily transition into their daily home-cooking events, and make them wonder how they ever lived without them.

Lovett Sundries Cast Iron Conditioner



This will take the guesswork out of preserving that cast-iron pan.

Ceramic Lunch Bowl



They'll finally be able to stop storing their home creations in not-so-pretty containers.

Reusable Silicone Half-Gallon Bag - Clear



Not only can you use this to store food, but it can be used to keep meat safe from water for sous vide cooking.

The Iconics



What could be more practical than upgrading all their favorite (but very worn-out) kitchen essentials?

Mara Rolling Pin


Hawkins New York

Practical and pretty? That's a win, win.

Puebco Cookbook And Tablet Stand



No idea what cooking tools they need? Save their tablet from another flour mess with this pretty cookbook and tablet stand.

Frieling Cast Iron Spice Grinder



This grinder will let cooks grind spices to their desired coarseness for the ideal flavor and texture for any recipe.

Signature 6 3/4 Quart Oval Enamel Cast Iron French/Dutch Oven



Williams Sonoma

You really can't go wrong with a product that everyone loves.

Egg Separator



Probably no one enjoys separating eggs, so make this frustrating task a breeze for your gift recipient with this handy little egg separator.

Leo 5" Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler, Pink




You know those spiralized vegetables you see all over Pinterest? You can make those with this small handheld peeler — no bulky machines required.

Taylor ® Measuring Bowl Digital Kitchen Scale


Crate & Barrel

This scale provides accurate measuring in large bowl that allows you to pour mess-free.