6 Ways To Accessorize Long Hair That Require Zero Effort (But Pack Plenty Of Style)

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Yes, the struggle is real when it comes to finding fresh ideas for short hair, but what about coming up with ways to accessorize long hair? There are plenty of plusses with lengthier strands — more styles, more hair to work with, etc. — but just because the strands have more inches, doesn't necessarily mean it's easier to get creative.

If your strands are long, you know that after the hours spent washing, drying, and styling, it's hard to scrounge up the energy to then find a finishing touch. Luckily, courtesy of your favorite celebrities, there are ways to add some accessories that require little to no time, but still give you the feeling that you put lots of effort in.

It can be as simple as sourcing a standout headband or as intricate as plopping a pattern of jewels on your crown. You could even take inventory of what you already have and find a new way of using them, like upping the number of barrettes you pin to your ponytail.

Ahead, six different ways of adding a little something extra to your super-long locks — and products to recreate the looks, to boot.

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How To Accessorize Long Hair: An Array Of Clips

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Janelle Monáe's take on wearing clips goes beyond your classic bobby pin and shows just how impactful a set of barrettes can be. In between washes or red carpet appearances, the seriousness of the situation doesn't matter when it comes to relying on clips for a hair pick-me-up. Slide one, two, or eight in and it looks like you've put a maximum amount of effort into a somewhat minimalist style.

How To Accessorize Long Hair: A Contrasting Headband

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Depending on your hair color, you can really make your strands pop by selecting an accessory in the opposite shade (or close to it). This pearl headband America Ferrera wore proves how powerful and chic this look can be. Even if it's a set of clips, a bandana, or similar, a bold complementary color will never lead you astray. It's also helpful for taking the attention off your hair if you're working on growing it out or hiding grown out bangs.

How To Accessorize Long Hair: Hair Jewels

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If you don't want to spend too many hours doing something intricate with accessories, here's your solution. With her signature sky-high, ultra-long pony, Ariana Grande crimped the length of her hair but kept the whole look fairly subtle save for a few crown jewels. Stick-on gems can add just enough interest without requiring anything high maintenance.

How To Accessorize Long Hair: Statement Barrettes

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Although the colors of this barrette in Ciara's hair are neutral, the shape and simple fact that it's the only accessory in her hair make it really stand out. For minimalists, a tortoiseshell hair clip strikes a balance between simple and stunning, but if you prefer bigger and brighter, neon barrettes, jewel-encrusted clips, or Monáe's aforementioned 'do may be more up your alley.

How To Accessorize Long Hair: Colorful Scrunchies

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For anyone with shoulder-length hair or longer, scrunchies are no doubt your secret weapon — something Hailey Bieber has caught onto. She often rotates through her impressive collection of them, basically providing lessons in how to rock them every time she has one on. You can wrap them around a low bun, slip them around a high ponytail, or use them to separate out pigtails and braids.

How To Accessorize Long Hair: A Single Clip

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Clips will always be a winner in the hair accessory book. They're almost *too* easy to use, and when you're in a rush out the door or looking to spice up your hair before an impromptu video call, there's no better option. If you're not down with a statement clip (or a whole slew of them), take notes from Chrissy Teigen and opt for one simple option clipped into the side of your hair — it adds just enough polish without becoming the main event.

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