The Super-Simple, Kate Middleton-Approved Hairstyle That’s Perfect For All Those Zoom Meetings

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Kate Middleton's headband and waves are an easy hairstyle for work

For some people, working from home means taking what was morning commute time and diving headfirst into trendy makeup, put-together outfits, and intricate hairstyles. For others, it's more about soaking up every second of sleep you can get and barely making it to Zoom meetings sans sleep mask. Either way, getting ready is inevitable. Which is why easy hairstyles for work are the way to go when you want high-payoff looks with minimal effort.

Though you might not want to ignore your outfit and makeup, when it comes to virtual meetings, your hair pretty much makes the look — because it's the main thing people are going to be seeing (hello, grainy connection blurring makeup looks and webcams only hitting chest-high and above). While there's nothing wrong with throwing your hair up in a top knot or just letting it do its natural thing, leveling up your look can be as simple as donning a sleek plait or adding a few beach-y waves — aka a far cry from a scene like Mia's makeover in The Princess Diaries (that poor brush).

Keep reading for nine easy hairstyles courtesy of celebrity manes like Zendaya and Kate Middleton when you want — nay, need — to switch up your look for the hundredth Zoom meeting this week.

Easy Hairstyles For Work: Flipped-Out Ends

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Level up your lob (or any hair length) with a circa-1960 swing similar to Lana Condor's. Using a straightener to flip out the ends will probably take you less than 15 minutes — depending on hair type, of course — so you can hit snooze a few more times on the days you go with this look.

Easy Hairstyles For Work: Low Bun

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There's something sophisticated about the low-bun style as seen on Hailey Baldwin; it's neat, it's simple, but it has an air about it. Make sure to tuck fly-aways before securing slightly above the nape of the neck.

Easy Hairstyles For Work: Slicked-Back Low Pony

If you don't want to give up your natural curl, opt for a low pony like Logan Browning's that is the definition of "business in the front, party in the back." While things are super slick in the front, the party comes alive in the back with full, defined curls.

Easy Hairstyles For Work: Padded Headband

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Sometimes the easiest way to transform your hair is by adding an accessory. Take notes from Kate Middleton and sport a padded headband that not only looks cute, but simply requires you to just put it on.

Easy Hairstyles For Work: Braided Top Knot

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Top knots have probably been in your go-to arsenal since WFH started. Take it one step further by braiding the ponytail before securing it into a bun. Loosen up the braid and pull out pieces for an effortless-but-chic kind of style.

Easy Hairstyles For Work: Barely-There Waves

Be the It-girl on your Zoom call with beach-y waves that say "I woke up like this." Almost haphazardly run a straightener or curler through your strands for wispy waves and you'll basically be Karlie Kloss (well, you'll have hair like her, at least).

Easy Hairstyles For Work: Half Up, Half Down

Though easy in nature, the half-up, half-down style — as evidenced by Gabrielle Union — doesn't always look basic. Gather a large amount of hair into a bun and even let a few pieces hang out the front for an edgier vibe. And, calling all maximalists — you can accessorize with scrunchies, bows, beads, and jewels, too.

Easy Hairstyles For Work: Low Braid

If you're still perfecting your Dutch and French braid, start with a simple low plait like Kim Kardashian. Pull your hair tight and sleek to the back, and feel free to get creative with your baby hairs (if you have them).

Easy Hairstyles For Work: High Ponytail

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Update your ponytail by bringing it to the top of your crown as seen on Tessa Thompson. Polish the look off by wrapping a strand of hair around your hair tie and, just like that, you've got yourself a red-carpet look for living-room meetings.