6 Easy-To-Care-For Plants You Are Least Likely To Kill


There are so many ways to amp up the style of your space, from swapping in luxe textiles to brighting up a lackluster room with a fresh coat of paint. And if you spend a good portion of your time scrolling Instagram for design inspiration, you've probably noticed one commonality among the pads of the most design-savvy influencers: lots and lots of indoor plants.

Plants can make such a huge impact on your home: not only do they improve the air quality, but a little lush greenery inherently injects more life and vibrancy into any space. That said, not everyone possesses a green thumb, and there are plenty of would-be plant parents who just can't commit because they're afraid they can't keep their new babies alive. Thankfully, not all plants are created equal. In fact, many types are surprisingly indoor-friendly and resilient, and therefore a lot easier to care for.

Floral delivery business The Bouqs Company took note of how many people are bypassing the blooms and looking to stock their home with more plants, and now offers a variety of low-maintenance versions. That said, who better to weigh in than the brand's Chief Floral Officer JP Montúfar about which ones might be just right for your home — regardless of whether or not you're exactly a plant whisperer. Ahead, find a few of his recommendations and tips as well as a couple more indoor plants you probably can't kill.

Snake Plants

“Snake plants are great for first time plant parents as they are very low maintenance and resilient," says Montúfar. While they have a lot to offer your space (like their stellar air purifying capability), they don't ask for much in return. These plants thrive with indirect light, so if your pad isn't the sunniest, no sweat. Water it thoroughly weekly and allow it to drain and dry completely in between baths, and you'll have a happy camper.

Air Plants

No soil, no problem. As Montúfar mentions, “Air plants [...] absorb nutrients through the scales on their leaves." And while they're decidedly one of the easiest to care for, you'll still need to give them a little water every now and again. "You just need to lightly mist them once a week with a squirt bottle," he explains. "Then, about once a month, soak them in a solution of water and a touch of houseplant food for about an hour or so.” Besides that, keep them in a spot where they'll get plenty of indirect light and they should be good to go.


If you're craving the kind of plant that can grow long and lovely, a philodendron might be the one for you. To keep it heathy and happy (and as a result, give you the drama you're looking for) just keep it out of the direct sun (low to medium light is best) and water weekly. If you're in a particularly humid climate — good news! These plants are pretty resilient to humidity so go ahead and give them a whirl.


Since they're native to drought-prone areas, cacti and succulents don't need to be fussed over. That said, if you're keeping yours indoors, note that these plants love plenty of light. But as much as they love the sun, "it’s important to keep them away from direct heat and air vents," says Montúfar. As for watering, these guys tend to need even less than the others on this list — once every other week ought to do the trick.

Spider Plant

The Plant Farm/Etsy
Spider Plant

These curling beauties are some of the easiest indoor plants to care for. Save for the occasional brown tips (a little light pruning can help this), spider plants are pretty tolerant in a variety of conditions. They crave bright indirect light and dry soil in between waterings (soggy soil = root rot) to stay perky looking.


The broad-leafed Calathea is an expert at holding water, which means it can stand up to dry climates and you don't have to baby it (good news for non-green thumbs). Because of their ability to live in low light, these plants make great office buddies. Plus, some studies show that keeping greenery in your workspace makes you perform better — so your boss will thank you.