5 Unexpected Romantic Vacations For Couples Who Want (And Need) To Reconnect


No one ever needs an excuse to get out of town. With work stress and other obligations on your plate, even a quick weekend getaway can relax and recharge you enough to get back in the game with renewed optimism. And often, when you're in a romantic partnership, an intentional couple's vacation can help solidify your status and strengthen your bond — not to mention help you reconnect once removed from your everyday routines.

While every spot on the globe offers something unique and amazing to different travelers, some places happen to be more conducive to solo trips, while others present opportunities that are particularly great for romantic relationships. James and Tamara Lohan, the husband-and-wife team behind travel club Mr & Mrs Smith know this to be true, and have made it an important part of their business to cater specifically to couples looking for a memorable getaway together. In fact, there's an entire section of the site devoted to Honeymoon-worthy locales that can be enjoyed by all manner of couples, even those who aren't hitched.

The Lohans themselves have done enough globe-trotting to know that not every couple's vacation is created equal. By looking beyond some of the more tried-and-true spots (like Paris and Venice, for example), you and your significant other can create some unforgettable moments with one another — whether that's by cozying up in a private jacuzzi while you look out at the Rocky Mountains or cruising the Medina together for gorgeous goods to take back home. Ahead, find the duo's suggestions for dreamy (and somewhat unexpected) destinations where you and your mate can rekindle that flame — as well as the Mr & Mrs Smith-approved hotels you'll want to stay in. Spoiler alert: You won't find The City of Lights on this list.

Salina, Italy

Alfiya Safuanova/Shutterstock

Looking for an alternative to the more traditional romantic cities in Italy, like Florence and Rome? Try this Aeolian island, which boasts grapevine-covered hills and other stunning Mediterranean vegetation, a charming beach town, and an epic natural landscape. And the picturesque Principe di Salina gives you the best access to it all. “[The hotel] faces the Stromboli volcano — at sunset it’s simply magical," says Tamara. "You feel like the only two people in the world."

Pigeon Bay, New Zealand

Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith

Rural New Zealand might not immediately be your first thought when dreaming up an idyllic couple's trip, but the fact that Pigeon Bay feels so remote is in itself a recipe for some truly private time — what's more romantic than that? In particular, James suggests a stay at Annandale Seascape, an incredibly modern bayside dwelling that he says is "as cosy at it comes for couples — you can’t help but lose track of time."

Crested Butte, Colorado

Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith

It's easy to immediately leap to thoughts of warm, tropical getaways when you're planning a romantic trip, but don't underestimate snowy escapes like this scenic Colorado town for the ultimate cozying up. Private hot tub soaks and outdoor activities to enjoy together are just a few things that make a couple's vacation here so special. And if you're heading into town, Tamara and James highly recommend shacking up at Scarp Ridge Lodge, which Tamara describes as a, “Remote, immersive, and unbeatable place for a Rockies romance.”

Marrakech, Morocco


For lots of side-by-side sightseeing it doesn't get much better than this major Moroccan city. From exploring the artisan crafts of the souks together to traveling through the desert camelback, there are memories to be made around every corner. In terms of where to stay, Tamara and James' pick is L’Hôtel Marrakech, where James says, "the lush courtyard gardens and roof's honeysuckle-covered pergola are set for stolen kisses." Now that's pure romance.

Bahia, Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo are fantastic Brazilian escapes when you're in the mood for bustling city vibes, but for a totally different cultural experience, Bahia offers an incredible mix of flavors, which can be attributed to its African and Portuguese heritage. Away from the cobblestone streets of the city, you and your partner can feel totally swept away at Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa. According to the couple, "[The hotel is] set around Trancoso’s jungle-fringed square in a free-spirited beach town, featuring 10 tropical-hued casas brought to life by local artisans and artifacts."