Ditch This Decor Piece By 40 For The Most Sophisticated Space

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There are a lot of things to look forward to when it comes to reaching your 40s. For one, so many women find that, by this time, you're more aware than ever of what you want — and don't want — for your life. And that doesn't just include you career and personal relationships. Part of creating the kind life you want to live at 40 and beyond is making the space around you as beautiful and inspiring as it can be, and design experts believe that there might be a few things to get rid of in your home that can help you do just that.

As you reach your 40s, there are certainly a few investment-worthy pieces you'll want to splurge on, like a fantastic piece of art or a fancy set of dinnerware that will make you feel like the hostess you've always dreamed of being. That said, beyond the things you want to purchase to have a more decidedly grown-up pad, it's just as important to know which things to toss.

As founder and lead designer of Los Angeles-based design studio Fragments Identity, Tammy Price has helped upgrade her fair share of homes. And part of that includes clearing out a few key items that are no longer serving the space. If you've been looking to spruce up your place so that it suits your newfound forty-something confidence, read ahead and find her best advice for the things to ditch ASAP, as well as what (if anything) should go in their place.

Hand-Me-Down Furniture


You're grateful for the things you were handed down in those early years of your first few pads — but that doesn't mean you have to hang onto them forever. "Forty and beyond is a time to start really crafting your own style and that means eliminating all of the old unwanted furniture pieces that were donated to you over the years while you were first starting out," says Price. "Unless something was handed down to you with emotional value, I suggest replacing those items with new pieces that really fit your style."

Excess Clutter


By this point you've probably accumulated a lot of stuff, but more isn't always more when it comes to decor. "I recommend getting rid of the unnecessary clutter and looking towards statement pieces that you're most likely able to purchase now at this point in your life," Price explains. "Get rid of the dining table or bedroom furniture that now doesn't match anything else in your home and get that piece that will work for you and your future life. Something you can build around."

Items That Haven't Aged Well


Some furniture pieces can get better with age — others don't fare so well. And Price suggests that you revaluate these pieces to see which need to be refreshed and repaired, and which need to be gone for good. "Unless they are antique, look towards getting them repaired and refreshed," she shares. "For example, I suggest getting rid of old upholstery and revamping an otherwise beautiful piece with new upholstery, fabric, etc. Old paint is also a must-go! Fresh paint is such an easy and quick fix to almost any piece."

Old, Mismatched Bedding & Towels

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Another thing you may have accumulated over time is your collection of textiles. And Price suggests that part of having a more grown-up bedroom and bathroom is swapping out your old or mismatched ones for some luxury bedding and bath towels. "I don't think there is anything better than cohesive and matching sheets, towels, etc," she says. "It's also easier to splurge a bit on these smaller items, so swapping out the old with great sets of quality bedding or towels is a good first step."

Outdated Kitchen Equipment


If you can swing it, swapping out your old, outdated kitchen appliances isn't just an aesthetic game-changer, but according to Price it will also make you more likely to utilize the space. "I've found that this is the space that transforms the most as you get older," she explains. "If you can, I suggest getting rid of all of the kitchen appliances that simply 'do their job' and find the coffee-maker, oven, etc. that will last forever and look beautiful in your space. These pieces are just as important as your living room furniture!"