These Instagram Accounts Have All The Cottagecore Decor Inspo You’ll Ever Need

Andreas von Einsiedel/Corbis Documentary/Getty Images

If you kept up with the prairie-dress trend that dominated 2019, it probably came as no surprise to you when "cottagecore" exploded onto the scene no less than a year later. And explode it did. As TZR reported in July 2020, cottagecore decor was up 33x in search since January. And it's safe to say the whimsical, comforting, and often maximalist aesthetic is going nowhere soon, especially as we descend further into cold weather and a growing pandemic. If you've decided it's time to try out the look yourself, start with a little inspo via the cottagecore decor Instagram accounts ahead.

With the trend's ditzy prints, vintage-inspired touches, and overall cozy vibe, it's not exactly shocking that cottagecore has taken over the internet in the past few months. As Marina Hanisch of Marina Hanisch Interiors previously told TZR, "The home has become such a vital and safe haven for many people. Cottagecore has helped bring back nostalgia and a romanticized aesthetic that is reminiscent of life in the countryside surrounded by nature, animals, pattern, color."

The accounts below make that even more clear. And though they all bring a unique style, there's no denying those tenets are at their core: Almost every feed delivers images of sweet pets, rural life, and plenty of florals and color, each providing a respite from the real world in its own beautiful way. Keep scrolling to see them all.

Cottagecore Decor Instagram Account: @hillhousevintage

Paula Sutton, the woman behind @hillhousevintage, is arguably the face of the cottagecore trend. The digital creator, writer, and stylist is widely known (and followed) for the images she posts of her beautiful Norfolk house, her adorable pup, and the many colorful printed fabrics that make up her home.

Cottagecore Decor Instagram Account: @grove_cottage_

Cottagecore decor often skews toward maximalism, but @grove_cottage_, Naomi Stuart's account, proves that doesn't have to be the case. Photos of her renovated Victorian cottage feature mostly white rooms sprinkled with rustic touches and plenty of flowers — and, of course, always her dog, Radley.

Cottagecore Decor Instagram Account: @tallwoodcountryhouse

Heavy on the animal photos and mixed whimsical prints, @tallwoodcountryhouse, run by Jenny Bohannon, is the ultimate account for country living inspiration. Visit it for the wallpaper porn, but stay for the ducklings.

Cottagecore Decor Instagram Account: @growing_greenfields

Diana Yates' account, @growing_greenfields, is practically fall in an Instagram. It documents Yates and her family's restorations of the gardens and interiors of their home, so you'll find plenty of garden inspo and cozy photos inside their little white cottage.

Cottagecore Decor Instagram Account: @oldhouseintheshires

There's perhaps nothing that feels more cottagecore than an old English house, and Sophie's Instagram account @oldhouseintheshires documents just that. On her feed, she shows the changes she and her family make to their home and garden in Wiltshire, as well as their pets and many beautiful, colorful rooms.

Cottagecore Decor Instagram Account: @myenglishcountrycottage

The best way to describe the @myenglishcountrycottage account? Cameron Diaz's home swap cottage from The Holiday come to life. With images of a 400-year-old thatched cottage abound, it's the perfect dose of escapism, decor inspiration, and just general loveliness.

Cottagecore Decor Instagram Account: @ourlittlechurchcottage

What do you get if you mix hygge with cottagecore? The @ourlittlechurchcottage account. The Georgian cottage featured is filled with soothing grays and pinks, but those are frequently contrasted with bright flowers, fun prints, and a very cute Dalmatian named Dexter, making for a cottagecore look that will please both minimalists and maximalists alike.