5 Curly Cuts To Try When It's Too Hot For A Blowout


Summertime is prime season to rescheduling your rigid schedule of biweekly salon appointments in favor of a day at the beach, at the park, or — even better — sitting right underneath the good ol' AC. In theory, the idea of polished waves or perfectly-defined coils blowing in the wind would be fun, let's be real: Long hair is hot. This summer, a curly haircut won't just minimize your time in the chair (since you're saving time on blowdrying and straightening, natch). It'll minimize your styling time at home, too, so you can enjoy more fun in the sun.

“Shorter lengths, especially '90s inspired cuts, are trending this summer,” celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan tells The Zoe Report. These silhouettes especially work well with natural textures and curls, too, especially with "lots of hair accessories like headbands, scrunchies, and clips," she says. If you're not ready to part with your length completely, invisible layers (read: a few strategic snips in the middle section of your hair) are a simple way to add movement and body to your hair without going drastically short. And shaggy bangs are also a simple way to go short — plus, who wants to have hair sticking to their sweaty forehead, anyway?

Ahead, see the five styles that Marjan, Kendall Dorsey, Tippi Shorter, and Davide Marinelli are giving their superstar clients all season long.

Curly Bob

"I love embracing natural texture in the warmer months instead of fighting the elements," Marjan says. For short curls, she suggests drying wet hair with a diffuser and spritzing with anti-humidity spray to help calm frizz.

One-Length Layers

“During the summer season, I always like to see shoulder-length curls looking very full, with little to no layers,” Dorsey, a celebrity hairstylist who counts Yara Shahidi and Solange Knowles as clients, tells TZR. "It’s so '40s-inspired."

The stylist recommends using Dove’s Weightless Moisture Shampoo and Foam Conditioner to start. Then to style, apply a dime size of Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Hair Treatment on wet hair. "I would then use my Dyson to hand dry the hair about 80 percent through to keep lots of volume," he adds.

"French Girl" Bob

Photo by Davide Marinelli

"Add baby bangs to this cut and let it air dry to show off your natural texture,” Marinelli, who's based in New York City, says. These cuts are trendy because of the versatility you can get from them. He likes to prep the hair with a thickening spray to create a lot of body and movement.

Invisible Layers

"Have the inner layers of your hair hit the length right below the collarbone," Marinelli suggests. "This is a special technique that gives hair shape on the inside." This little change will even out your curls and prevent them from looking tangled.

To style this cut, be sure use a detangling brush to help separate your hair. Then grab a moisturizing cream for hydration, "which creates shapes and makes hair moldable," he says.

Shaggy Bangs


Shags are making a huge comeback according to Shorter, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. "This go around has a lot of texture and bangs natural or created."

To style your new cut and bangs, Shorter recommends a hassle-free, two product routine. "All you need is a great leave-in treatment and a pomade."