I Was So Scared To Cut My Hair Shorter — & Here’s How I Got Over It

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My hair is my crowning glory, so when it comes to caring for it, I'm very selective with who touches it. No matter how much older I get, the anxiety that comes with getting a trim (let alone an actual change-my-entire-style haircut) only gets worse. But since I turned 30, I'm feeling braver — and a haircut for summer 2019 is my way of facing my number one beauty fear.

My last drastic haircut took place when I was about 8 years old. My parents thought that a bob would look so cute with my curly and thick hair. In reality, it ended up being a very traumatic experience as I threw a temper tantrum, watching my long, wavy tresses fall to The Hair Cuttery floor. That was the last time I asked for "just a few inches off."

Aside from the occasional snip, I haven't touched my hair since. If anything, I prefer my hair longer for the sake of ease: I opt to throw my hair into a bun or a low-maintenance ponytail quite frequently, even though the uninspired looks make my hair appear duller than it actually is. So eventually, I began scrolling through Instagram and created a folder to remember the styles I liked. I noticed a theme of one-length lobs that dominated my ideas. I figured that this style would still be easy to manage and definitely easy to wear out of my beloved ponytail, and with some added color, my hair would have the vibrancy I craved.

Photo by Taylor Lane

I quickly pushed my Hair Cuttery memories aside for an appointment at the IGK Salon in SoHo, New York City, where I was introduced to hairstylist Jessie Meltz. I explained how I wanted my hair to be cut — down to the inch — along with photos of a few bloggers who nailed the look I had in mind. Meltz assured me that she'd find a silhouette within my comfort zone, and my fears washed away as I leaned back into the plush leather chair. I also chatted with Stephanie Brown, a master colorist, and gave her an in-depth description of the hue I wanted: Lighter pieces to frame my face, with my naturally dark hair looking rich and shiny.

Surprisingly, I felt a sense of calm as Meltz snipped my dead ends, then worked her way up. With each cut, I felt lighter in every sense of the word. My stylist made sure that I was still comfortable with it and to my surprise, I found myself requesting more off.

Once my hair was dried, dyed, and styled, I was so happy that I committed to my decision my hair looks the best it has in a long time. I left the salon more confident wearing my hair down, and ready to try all of the styles that only lived in my Saved folder.

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