The Quarantine Eyeshadow Look You Should Try Next, Courtesy Of Tracee Ellis Ross, Lady Gaga, & More

Tracee Ellis Ross / Instagram
Tracee Ellis Ross has been a major celebrity eyeshadow muse throughout quarantine

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more fun, beauty-forward Instagram feed than the one belonging to Tracee Ellis Ross. When she isn't gracing us with tasseled hip shakes and throwbacks to her mother's glory days (it's obvious where she gets her fabulousness from), she's often spamming us with outrageously colorful eyeshadow looks, and she isn't the only celebrity doing so.

The amplified desire to create in quarantine has given way to an especially bold makeup trend that Ross is merely leading the charge on. Perhaps as a way to combat boredom, people have finally started dipping their brushes into colors they never dared to wear out in public. Often times even piling a few different hues on at once.

In a tutorial she did for Vogue in April, Bebe Rexha took a page out of Ross' book and debuted bright-blue, David Bowie-like lids. At that point, Winnie Harlow had already been hosting Instagram Lives in which she would go wild with eyeshadow and catty liner. The trend has only escalated since then.

If you haven't already converted your lids into an art canvas, you doubtless will after seeing these five experiment-worthy eyeshadow looks.

Tracee Ellis Ross' Color-Blocked Neons

Romy Soleimani / Instagram

You can count on Tracee Ellis Ross to be constantly sporting some sort of neon shade on her lids. First, it was lime green, then she debuted this color-blocked creation with a hot-pink base and a swipe of tangerine under the brow. She did mention that she had some help from makeup artist Romy Soleimani on this one, but it isn't out of the ordinary for her to pursue such an ambitious look herself.

Bebe Rexha's Blue

In the April makeup tutorial she did for Vogue, Bebe Rexha doused her lids in a striking shade of azure, saying it was inspired by Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie. '80s-style blue eyeshadow — such as Rexha's icy hue or more cobalt variations — has been making a major comeback lately.

Soft Pink À La Lady Gaga

Another new eyeshadow trend is to match your lid color with your cheeks, your lips, or in Lady Gaga's case, your hair. The latest obsession with pastel hair tints is a perfect excuse to trial the monochromatic hair-to-eyeshadow look. The best way to guarantee cohesiveness is to use a single product (be it an eyeshadow or a cream lipstick) throughout an entire makeup look.

Or Hot-Pink Lids Like Winnie Harlow's

Winnie Harlow skipped over the softer shades and beelined for the brightest magenta she could find, paired with a sharp, white-lined cat-eye and a playful heart on her cheek in the tutorial she did during the early days of quarantine.

Vanessa Hudgens' Yellow Inner Corners

Inner corner eyeliner is taking over the virtual ether and bringing inner corner eyeshadow along for the ride. Vanessa Hudgens' burst of yellow — which obviously matched her nail polish perfectly — is a prime example of this emerging trend. And could it possibly be any more ideal for the summer to come?